A River Runs Through It—A New Paradigm For The Rocks Around Which Our Rivers Flow

I recently read an article by Deepak Chopra, M.D., in Publishers Weekly (August 17, 2009), about why he writes. I liked what he had to say. A lot. About reinventing the body and soul. Regaining the mystery of our lives. But what I got most from the article was that science is—albeit slowly, as most change seems to occur—realizing that not all things are as science believes them to be. And I use that word “believe” intentionally and with far more depth than many might at first realize. Dr. Chopra went on to say how many are no longer considering the body a “thing.”

What a COOL thing to say!

That the body is rather more of a process, a “fluid process,” right on down to our very genes, “…ever attuned to the slightest changes in our surroundings.” I loved this. Lately, perhaps because of the article, I’ve been contemplating the nature of genes, and how things change because of them. How, when the, uh…stork…delivers its babies, how the mixing of genes “chooses” what gene will mix with what gene.

Like, how does this happen, maaan?

Is it a conscious decision? A mathematical one? A chemical one? What are the actual mechanics behind this choice? How does one gene literally “decide,” however defined, where it will go and what it will do—with whom (in gene terms)? I’ve forgotten what chemistry I knew, but eventually we have to get down to the atomic and subatomic levels, where—theoretically—consciousness doesn’t exist.

Or does it?

Is it all about valences and electron shells? There are more and more theories abounding about subatomic consciousnesses. Yes aware particles. How do we account for quantum entanglement? There are quite some weighty definitions out there, but quantum entanglement comes down to is that particles once together and now separated by a distance (the amount doesn’t matter) know about each other. Yes, know. That means what you do to one particle, affects the other (nudge one and the other also feels it), the actions of one particle affects the other. Oh, there are all manner of theories and postulations…but are they any more far out than, say, aware, mindful, and cognizant particles? Maybe not on our Human level of consciousness, sure, but are we—a mass of protons, electrons, and what have you—the mere sum of our parts? A bunch of unaware things comprising an aware thing (okay, process…)? The age old conundrum: from where does consciousness originate?

In keeping with other changes to the way of scientific or medical thinking, remember the old saw that said the more booze you drank, the more brain cells you killed off—forever?

Wrong. Disproved.

Years ago, I did some research into head injuries and found in medical libraries records that showed some brains miraculously compensated for damaged portions of other parts of the brain. Lose a section of your left hemisphere and your right hemisphere kicked in and picked up [some of] the destroyed function. I don’t remember to what extent, nor how common this was, but I remember it actually had occurred and had been documented.

And every time we turn around we find one study or another says one thing, only to later have  another study come along and eradicate that previous one. Look at my post on the amount of sleep with which Humans are presumed to be in need. Look at the more mystical individuals in our world who meditate and science is actually finding that their brains (and therefore their minds) are drastically different than your average human’s.

And did you catch that movie, What the Bleep DO We Know?

So, I love the work by Dr. Chopra (I don’t seem to find the “Dr.” part with his name a lot…) and others like my brother, Chris. Here are two people who are what I term “healers,” and are out there trying to figure out a better ways to deal with Humanity and all our ills. It’s always bugged the crap out of me when I go to one form of healer to be told one thing—then go to another and be told something completely different. What really is needed, and what my brother and others are trying to do, is educate the public and bring different disciples together to get a “whole person” concept goin on. Get more into the metaphysics of life than just the cutting-up-and-removing-of-body-parts M.O. (“medical operations”). I feel all of our ills are the direct results of metaphysical issues. That doesn’t mean knowing this instantly heals or protects us. Our issues are real and hurtful, and concrete, and I am not dismissing or in any way diminishing any of it or those so affected—many of us out there truly are hurt. But I am saying that all our ills come from some other sources that are manifested into our physical world—by our actions—as the illnesses we experience. But so is the good…and healing. And many in the healing world are becoming more aware of this and trying to work all this out. Kudos to the Chrises and Dr. Chopras out there!

We are smashing many previously held [pre-]conceptions about ourselves and our lives. That is a good thing. That doesn’t mean life will become rosy and easy. It just means our actions will lead to other questions and still other advancements in consciousness and Human understanding. Regaining the mystery of our lives in not about being wowed by unknowns and leaving them as unknowns. In my humble of opinion, it’s about gaining respect for what is behind our minds and bodies, and how it all works out. About how can we better tap and understand our mysteries.

Why do we need to cut up and destroy in order to understand?

Even the blind do not so maniacally scrape and tear and rend at something they are tying to understand. They use gentle, careful touch and exploration. They listen.

Many espouse that our thoughts create our realities. Many decry and ridicule the same. If doctors admit emotions affect our bodies, is it all that far of a leap to understand thoughts also affect our bodies?

I find that optimistic people tend to lead optimistic and fun and happy lives, while those who are not…do not.



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3 Responses to A River Runs Through It—A New Paradigm For The Rocks Around Which Our Rivers Flow

  1. JOYce says:

    Good article…I enjoy your writing very much. I would like to know how to access the Chopra article that inspired it. I’m a fan of yours, and of his. Joyce

  2. fpdorchak says:

    Oops! I think my subscription to PW allows me to see the article. Everytime I select it I’m able to go right to the article, and maybe, early on, when I got my subscription, I asked the site to “Remember me,” therefore…so, apologies. There’s a “share” RSS feed, but I’m not “smart” on all this stuff yet, and my first couple attempts to work these things fell flat. I’ll try some more as time allows. But thank you for your kind words, Joyce! :-]

  3. fpdorchak says:

    Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:

    In doing some research for a guest post, I came upon this post of mine from August 2009. Enjoy!

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