Skeptical Versus Critical Thinking—and Cool Heads

As I began reading Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot, I came across a blog post dated 2005, where someone took issue with the book and its contents. As I read the blog it became apparent to me, and reminded me, that many seem to take great pleasure in labeling themselves “skeptics.” It seems for any point of view, topic, or whatever, you’ll always find someone out there ready to rip it a new one. So, I came across this post, and read it. I’ll just leave it at that this individual only took their argument so far, and didn’t bother to post anything about how the mind may or may not work—it was purely a superficial cut at surface indicators. Had nothing to do with the work of doctoral professionals in the field of reincarnation, psychology, or any other mental operation of any kind. Didn’t look into Drs. Ian Stevenson and Jim Tucker, for instance.

So, anyway, I had this long post all ready to publish late last night, when it occurred to me—why? I don’t want to get into some long, drawn out He said/She Said intellectual Battle of the Bulge. I really don’t want to rip into someone, well needlessly. I don’t. I don’t even like ripping into others. Sure, I have my moments, but, basically, I don’t want to be—mean spirited.

So I trashed it. My post.

People are who they are for a reason. And a large part of that, in any soul, is growth. So, instead of doing what I accuse others of doing—tearing someone else a new one, of publicly debunking another because they think differently than me—I decided against it.


Thing is…I’m cool with others having a different opinion than me. Talk it over with me…just don’t kill me with it, okay? Agree to disagree, and we’re cool. I love diversity and intellectual banter and discussion. Sure, myself and others might very well even get rather “animated” during some of our discussions, but that’s because we’re passionate about what we think and talk about. It’s who we are. Just be respectful.

I hope I always have this kind of presence of mind in every situation I encounter similar to this, but I’ll probably slip up and there’ll be another out there ready to “call” me on it. Fine. I apologize up front. I’m only human…

And just runnin off at the mouth.


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