Down the Rabbit Hole – The Art of Observation

I just finished watching the second What the Bleep movie, called What the Bleep!? Down the Rabbit Hole. I find these movies extremely thought provoking, especially given my studies of Jane RobertsSeth material. Much of these movies I have little to disagree with, but I do question why none of Jane and Rob Butts’ Seth material was not included. Perhaps it was in the first movie and I simply forgot.

I found two things most interesting in this second, Rabbit Hole, movie:

1)      The statement about the “art of observation”

2)      The statements about our thoughts affect our life/reality.

I’ve read articles about thoughts affecting personal health in such mundane booklets like an HMO’s semi-annual newsletter kind-of-thing, so I know this is making its way into more and more mainstream thought, but it’s implications really are staggering when you give it some thought (pardon the pun)—and take it to its logical conclusion. Including Dr. Emoto’s water experiments. I haven’t delved much into his work, but it all seems focused around water. Why not Mountain Dews, or cigarettes, or movies?  Food. Given item 2, above, why not go further and say, hey, if your thoughts really and truly affect all of life around us, on a quantum level that translates into a macro level, then I believe thoughts and intent affect far more than water structure. Why not take it to food, for instance? Or Age?

What if it’s really not the calories or anything else in food that makes us fat?

Or the dilution of the cells that makes us old?

What if it’s our beliefs in them that make us experience what we observe?

If you see the movies they explain it really well, about how it’s the observation of anything that effects the thing being observed. This has been in physics for quite some time, but never really brought out into mainstream thought or taken “far enough.” The movie also goes into explaining any such “casuality” between linear timelines, such as our past/present/futures effecting any linear combination of the other. See the movie or do your searches, not going into any of that in this short space. As to wave and particle theory—not going there, here, either. It’s been done to death before. Do your searches and make your own determination, s.v.p.

As to item #1 above, the “art of observation,” our movie(s) said we need to better make use of even our most minute observations. What is meant here? Maybe we should, essentially, “expect better” than what we’re currently ”seeing.”  We look at the state of the world. It looks bad.  We’re in a couple wars, got global financial issues still trying to dampen out, any of a number of other “bad” things one can point a finger to. Our films’ talking heads, however, ask us to expect different…to consciously create a different view of life, and expect that. That none of us can turn our backs on the events of life and say “It’s not my problem,” or “I didn’t cause that.”

We all caused absolutely everything that occurs in life.

We all did by the way we think.

Look to how thoughts affected Dr. Emoto’s water experiments, of the scientific entanglement experiments.

As I’ve mentioned before, examine your thoughts…are they typically dark and pessimistic, or happy and optimistic. In between? Look at your life—I’m bettin it exactly mirrors your thoughts.

Prove me wrong.

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