I recently experienced an incident that got me thinking. It involved interpreting experiences. Many people like to go to psychics or intuitives or “masters.” Or maybe just get a second opinion. Nothing wrong with getting a second opinion. But while going to “masters” for soulful advice and life interpretations can prove beneficial, I also feel it can actually prove more harmful than good. When you go to someone on a constant basis and ask them to explain what happened to you (i.e., asking another to do something you can very well do yourself) you can become lulled into atrophying quite a powerful ability you have yourself. Continuing to do so is harmful because we should all become self sufficient in determining our own experiences, and not rely on others to do something for us we can very well do ourselves. 

And it doesn’t matter if we so-called MIS interpret anything. 

First off, I don’t think this can really happen. I think that each of us will and MUST interpret our own personal experiences on our own, and interpret them in the way we do–have to do. The only right answer is ours. Really, even if we do go to someone else, and we “take” their interpretation, it is up to us to accept that as ours, so, we’re really still making the call. 

Why go to all that trouble? 

Just do it yourself. It allows us to grow and get better at interpreting our own experiences. Having others constantly doing something we can and should do ourselves does no one any good. Not even the “master.” And really, shouldn’t a “master” realize this themselves and turn our questions back on us? Those are the best “masters,” the best teachers. The old giving-someone-a-fish-or-learnin-them-to-fish analogy. And it doesn’t even matter if a “master,” or anyone else might happen to “properly” interpret an experience the same way we might have, we–YOU–have to do this, not someone else. 


Each of us–from the so-called lowest spiritual newcomer to the greatest so-called “master”–uses a filter (and by this I mean the personality and conscious mind of an individual that one uses to learn and interpret the world around [and in!] them) to see and experience the world. It’s unavoidable. If you cast a shadow–or exist in this continuum in any manner shape, or form–you’re using, living, breathing, and interpreting through a filter. 

That’s not a bad thing. 

It simply is

And having someone else use their filter to interpret your experience is faulty. If you don’t believe in angels, and someone tells you “angels are watching over you,” then that won’t mean anything to you, might even turn you off cause of the religious symbology, and you’ll use your very own filter to remove the offending term and “translate” to the closest term in your filter. As anyone who has ever studied languages can tell you, things frequently get lost in translation, because not all words translate [well] into other languages. Transfer that…to this discussion. 

So, the best thing to do is cut out all that extra effort and use your own innate talents and give it a go yourself. Again, it does not mean you have to get a “right” answer, just the mere fact you’re making the effort is important enough. Is a growth effort for you and your being (<insert translation>). If none of this means anything to you, that also speaks volumes to who you are–and again, that is not meant in a bad way. It is just WHO YOU ARE. Period. 

Think for yourself, is all I’m asking. 


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