Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler Redux

In my previous post, I’d shown a link to M. J. Roses’s site, The Reincarnationist. Now this whole proved quite interesting on many levels, because of all my e-mails over the years, this one garnered the most responses to anything I’ve sent in quite a long time! Responses ranged from not impressed to time travel has to be the only answer! It was so cool to get such interest–but it warrants it. A strange looking “man-woman” walking in a strange gait in the 1928 Charlie Chaplin movie, The Circus. If you look at this very short film clip, it does look weird. The shoes looked way too long, but that could be display distortion. And, of course there were no cell phone towers back then for a cell phone, from the future or not, to work.

So, I did a little research, with great thanks to my Uncle Warren, who pointed me in an interesting direction–the Hearing Aid Museum. More specifically, the Western Electric Model 34A audiophone carbon hearing aid. After checking out the site a little, I found a point of contact, Dr. Neil Bauman (Ph.D.). So, I e-mailed him about this whole “time traveler” thing. Dr. Bauman was gracious enough to reply the very next day (thank you, sir.!). Yes, he had heard of this film clip, and curiously enough, he’d posted a blog about it, since so many had contacted him about it. I liked how Dr. Bauman attacked the issue, but I also liked how he came to the same conclusion: that a conclusion really couldn’t be made based on the available information, but I have to disagree with him on one important aspect of his analysis.

Time travel.

I’m just gonna “go there.”

How much do we really know about physics? I think it was in Dr. Paul LaViolette’s book, Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, that actually talked about the ability to travel back in time. That the physics taught in universities is a truncated discipline, with aspects of Max Planck’s formulas intentionally withheld from public consumption. Sorry I don’t have those references at hand just now, but I’ll try to find them and post them to this blog as a correction. But I’m just saying that no one can really make a conclusion about this little piece of film footage, and you can’t rule out anything, no matter how insane it might appear. But, like Dr. Bauman said, our odd little character could simply be holding a bag of ice to his/her ear and talking to him/herself!

But what I find really cool about this whole thing is that it really stimulates everybody’s imagination! We may not nor never have the answer to this, but, heck, it was a cool diversion from the everyday, and for that, George Clarke and M. J. Rose, thanks so much for helping to stimulate that–and in a good way!


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2 Responses to Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler Redux

  1. I had commented before but my comment was either deleted or disallowed. The 1928 film clip occurred on a film production studio set. There are actors on sets going about their regular business, including “performing” general crowd walk-throughs. Some actors are on the studio lot doing several things in a day including attending rehearsals and film tests (where actors perform a short scene while being filmed). One of the classic auditions or film tests is requiring an actor to ad lib a one-sided phone conversation. Actors have a habit of rehearsing their lines everywhere they go, no matter what they’re doing.

    The woman in the film clip could be an actor who is on her/his way to an audition and rehearsing a phone conversation using a candy or cigar tin as a phone receiver (prop). I believe this would be more likely of an occurrence than a time traveler speaking on a cell phone especially since there would not have been supportive technology that would facilitate a wireless phone to wireless phone connection… unless the phone transmission / reception technology could span time, as well.

  2. Cathee says:

    But what about communicating with the Mother Ship? That technology would be available.
    Just sayin’

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