United Nations Considering Appointing First UFO Ambassador?


A friend sent this information my way, and it’s most thought provoking! Apparently the UN has already had a UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, since 1958. The current director of said UNOOSA is a Malaysian astrophysicist by the name of Mazian Othman, and it is this gentleman people are saying could be our new UFO Ambassador.

Gee, what kinda training would he receive? What kindaf resources be at his (or her, if another) disposal?

I think this is great.

Others, however, notably Professor Stephen W. Hawking, are of a different mindset. He fears things might not be as rosy as others might consider. Kinda like when Columbus landed in America. Or when aliens attacked the Whitehouse….

But the thing is, however whatever pans out, perhaps it is a good idea to create such an office? Personally I don’t believe in all the negativity associated with UFOs, nor do I believe in their traditional explanations (and I’d love to go into it, but I’m trying to publish a novel that describes my thoughts on the matter; yes, it’s fiction, but my views are heavily embedded in there and I don’t want take any possible wind out of my sails…), but I don’t have a problem with planning ahead, either. Even using my point of view, this could be a very good thing. And if they are so nasty as Hawking and others think, then wouldn’t this be a doubly good way to go?

So, take a look at these links (UFO Ambassador and UNOOSA), give it some thought…

…and watch the skies, my friends, watch the skies….

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