Soul Survivor – The Case Of James Leininger and James Huston, Jr

Tonight, on the OWN network, Miracle Detectives, will air an episode about James Leininger, now 12. His is a fascinating story about a child who, at the age of two, began having nightmares and conscious knowledge of having lived and died before as a WWII fighter pilot (Navy Lt. [j.g.] James Huston, Jr.). James began pointing out aircraft and talking about things a two-year-old would never know to talk about. Take a look at the Soul Survivor website, blog, and book (which I read). And please see my previous post on James, where I discussed all of this and reviewed the book–and received a very kind comment from James’s father, Bruce. Also please check out the Institute for the Integration of Science, Intuition and Spirit (IISIS) website.


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