On Killing

Over the past week, as I listened to some of what was on the news and also talked with some about a certain individual who was “taken out” last weekend, I found the responses very interesting. From those who I might have expected quite a different response, I found appalled surprise at those who literally danced in the streets in NYC’s Ground Zero. Now, while I understand the “felt need” from those individuals for their response, it saddens me that any of us rejoices for the killing (and I chose this term deliberately) of any individual.

In my humble-and-not-so-humble (I’m told) opinion, Death is not the end. It’s a shift in consciousness and focus. I get it that not everyone agrees, that’s fine, but that’s not why I object to cheering about another’s killing. I object to it because of the intent surrounding that applause. Why are people cheering certain individuals’ deaths? Is it because those people were so against something that others were against and now that person is forever gone? I’m not getting into rights and wrongs, here, but the philosophy of intents and actions, because (to me) this discussion also involves probable realities and selves and is a bit deeper than I want to get into while keeping things brief.

Here’s something to consider. While we blame a lot of the negative on “others,” might we also consider another point of view? That we all have a part in what is manifest in everyday life?

I recently read a quote from Richard Kendall (second-to-last paragraph) that was given by Seth. That quote is “YOU ARE NOT SO MUCH A PART OF A MEANINGFUL UNIVERSE, AS THE UNIVERSE IN PART.” At the very least it takes away the “distance” aspect of us living in the universe (we are not so much a part of it, baby, we are it), and shedding that misidentification leads to: if we are the “universe in part,” then doesn’t it stand to reason that we have a direct hand in creating it? Even if your point of view is God creating the universe and us and everything…from what were we created?

Something else? Something else not of the universe?

Of course not.

So, if we are the “universe in part,” then might not our actions, our thoughts, our very existence affect the universe? If everything is literally connected to everything else, and we all directly affect everything, how can any one of us point blame at any one individual for anything?

This extends from our every day awareness into the unconsciousness of all of us, but my point is that each of us are who we are, grow to the best of our abilities (again, right and wrong, deviations from the norm are another discussion), and populate the universe with our actions. But I maintain that we all have a hand in it, consciously or unconsciously. That within each of us is some “metaphysical structure” we bring to existence and within which allows for the manifestation of all we see. I don’t believe God (I prefer the term All That Is) creates everything
without our input. I believe All That Is allows for our direct creation of existence. Is the Medium for our expression for individual and en masse value fulfillment. Sure, All That Is is directly involved, but we are All That Is in part. There is no separation.

Therefore, what are we really cheering when we cheer on the killing of anyone?

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