Old Fort Erie Ghost Shadow

Friday night I found this show, called Ghost Adventures, on the Travel Channel. On Friday’s show was an episode called Old Fort Erie, at Ontario, Canada. It was about this fort having been the scene of a nasty battle in 1814. But what really got me in this show, and I’ve seen a couple episodes of this guy, Zak Bagans and his crew’s, work–and really like it–is this is the first time I’ve ever seen–on TV–any so-called “evidence.”

Now, when I see shows like this, though I always consider them scripted, I still consider them “real,” as in the content is not made up. On this point, I’d love to hear from people in “the business” to let me know if I’m off the mark. Can content like this really be faked and put on TV as real, and there be no ramifications to the show/producers?

So, to this end, there was a scene in the kitchen, where the Ghost Adventure guys got one of the re-enactors (who also happened to have had ancestors in this very battle) participate. He was later so shook up by what he’d experienced, he left the kitchen. What shook him up is on this video clip. This is the first time I’ve ever seen such “proof” on TV about any kind of ghost sighting, and which is why I ask if there’s anyone in the TV/movie business who can tell me that such show content can legally be faked. In this clip is the shadow of an arm and elbow moving. Creeeeepyyyyy! The hand looks exactly like something out of the original Max Schreck Nosferatu movie!


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