Cowboys & Aliens!

Loved this movie!

I’m not an aliens-taking-over-the-Earth kinda movie goin’ guy, but this movie is kick ass and well done! Has some great actors, an interesting plot, great actions scenes (even some “James Bondish” fight scenes, perhaps as a cool nod to our man, Craig…), and a great soundtrack. It’s a great western with aliens in it—something I’ve wondered about why hasn’t been done before, or done to this level. There’s also a surprisingly well-developed human understory to it that plays off a line the preacher character, Meacham (played by Clancy Brown), says, early in the movie. He said something like “I’ve seen good men do bad, and bad men do good.” He played an interesting, more “open minded” kinda preacher. Was really was impressed with the character.

Craig’s “Stranger” character, the Strong Silent Type, Man of Few Words, Mr. Action—well played. Loved the opening scene, which is your basic guy-wakes-up-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-and-doesn’t-know-shit-including-his-name-but-boy-can-he-kick-some-ass.

Did I mention how “kick ass” this movie was already?

Harrison Ford—he’s great in everything I’ve ever seen him in, and I’m glad to see him in another movie. He plays one complex, meaty, character. Very interesting. Also well played.

Others include the spoiled rich kid (Paul Dano), “Doc” (Sam Rockwell), the Sheriff (Keith Carradine), Nat (Adam Beach), and Ella (Olivia Wilde).

And the action in this movie was constantly frying-pan-into-the-fire. Kept ratcheting up the “Gee, what else could go wrong?” scenes.

I could go see this again.

If you get the option, pay the extra money to see it in a hyped-up Xtreme Digital screen, or whatever it’s called where you go catch your movies. We paid the extra cash, and enjoyed extra plush seats, extra sharp images, a depth of digital sound that was incredible, and a screen that was literally floor to ceiling. It’s worth it for a movie like this.

Another thing that made this film interesting to me, was that back in 2003, when I was pitching manuscripts to agents and editors and producers, I pitched Sleepwalkers as a possible graphic novel to Platinum Studios who was behind this movie. I don’t recall if the guy mentioned this movie by name, but I do remember the guy was very excited about the project, and mentioned it was really gonna be cool. So, I’ve been looking for this movie for eight years, and it was cool to finally see it come to the silver screen.

Cowboys & Aliens also has a cool website.

So, kick back, have a great time, and check out this flick!


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2 Responses to Cowboys & Aliens!

  1. Ron H says:

    Oh, yeah this one is definitely 8 Miles High [ooh, I have to run downstairs and play my Rickenbacker now, but I digress] on my list. High Noon, 3:10 to Yuma, Shane, and, oh yeah, Daniel Craig as Liberty Valance all rolled into one, toss in some freakin’ creepies from outer space and THAT’s a move.

    Two real surprises though… don’t worry, not spoilers.

    1. Why the heck hasn’t somebody done this before? (Joss Whedon’s Reavers don’t count) – Sean Connery’s Outland (High Noon in Space) was close, but the only aliens it had were the corporate creeps. (Must have been in line for some bonuses.)

    2. Where the heck is Ripley? Don’t tell my dear wifey, but I’ve had a crush on Sigourney Weaver since the scene in the airlock.


    Ron “Yes, I am a Real Person, Mister Smarty Pants” H.

  2. fpdorchak says:

    Yeah, “Ron,” but I meant REAL aliens and cowboys (“REAL tomato ketchup, Eddie…?” []), not metaphors….

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