Very Few Eureka Moments Left….

A Wired article recently announced the demise of one of my favorite shows: Eureka. Now, sure, Eureka’s just a show, and there are far more important issues to deal with, like keeping a job, having enough money to live on, and spending billions of dollars on investigative space probes in the face of trillions of dollars of governmental debt, and all…but, dang it, I’m gonna miss Sheriff Carter, Fargo, Taggart, and the rest of the crew.

In the article we are told that it was a purely numbers game (and I have heard that the ratings were “so-so”), something the characters on the show could well identify with, given their fake-life’s fake-work, but I sure wish those in charge would re-examine their decision. I’m no exec, nor a scheduler of shows, so I don’t know all the ins and outs related to all this, so I don’t know that I can really take issue with how things are gonna go down. If the numbers are low or aren’t great, then to the chopping block it goes…but maybe if those who run the show take a look at some of the items in the article to save the show, its ratings could go up. True, the stories aren’t exactly great in-depth knockouts (but they are entertaining, and there’s little things like it’s always about the demise of Global Dynamics or the world, and something usually ends up involving Carter’s vehicle in a destructive way…), but, man, the characters, they truly are some of the best on television! Colin Ferguson’s comedic timing is incredible.

The numbers.

Costs too much to produce, ratings are low. Economy sucks.

Not much you can say about that.

But I truly wish someone in-the-know would come up with one of their own bonafide Eureka! moments and figure out a way to “Imagine Greater” and out of the box to save it.

Come on, Eureka, invent your way out of this one….


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