Egyptian Tech Hieroglyphics

A helicopter, stealth fighter, submarine, and an airplane are carved into stone at the ceiling of a 3000-year-old Egyptian Temple.  I’ve heard plenty about this over the years, but here is a recent photo (photo is at the bottom of the article) that shows what all the talk is about. Now, whether or not one chooses to believe the photo is undoctored, well, is a matter of personal preference, I suppose. But there it is. Read the article here.

Gets one to thinkin’, huh?


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2 Responses to Egyptian Tech Hieroglyphics

  1. Ron H says:

    Bing bing bing bah BLAAAAAAAAAAAT

    OK, I’m a pretty imaginative person, but…

  2. fpdorchak says:

    An open mind does more than just allow a breeze between da ears, my friend… ;-]

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