…Brick and Mortar?!

Say it ain’t so, but has just announced that it plans to open an actual–walk in–brick-and-mortar bookstore. Yeah, just when you thought…

This single store is to be opened in its home town and will be a test market for its creation. It will carry high-end products. My first thought was why open it in its hometown as a test? Too incestuous. They should open it elsewhere to really test it.

I got this (of all places!) from a Business Baramoter report on the Weather Channel this morning, but was unable to find any other info in a quick search….

Added Feb 7th: click this link for more information.

Added Feb 12th: click this link for more information.


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2 Responses to…Brick and Mortar?!

  1. Karen Lin says:

    This is one way to encourage those who always thought Amazon’s goal was to squeeze out the others and take over the industry. What next? Walmart, Facebook and Google join forces with Amazon..imagine 1984…

    No I’m not a conspiracy kook…ha! Do conspiracy kooks admit (or realize) they are? Who woulda thought YouTube would have been gobbled up by Google anyway….


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