Though Mr. Serling is talking about teleplay/screenwriting, there’s definitely something to his words for the novelists. Sometimes we can all think a bit too much and lose the magic, lose the energy (I’ve heard quite a few beginners say “…haven’t yet put anything in writing, but…”). I always loved to “vomit out” my first drafts, but in now trying to create an actual series, I find that ain’t happenin’. The dreaded outline is stalkin’ me…stalkin’ me BAD….

Shadow & Substance

As most writers know, ideas often come in a flash of inspiration. You’re reading, or walking, or driving, and … click. A seemingly perfect premise or angle appears in your head.

And all too often, that’s where it dies. We overthink it or overanalyze it to death. Or we get distracted and forget all about it. Rod Serling, however, had a different approach:

Serling Typewriter

The instinct of creativity must be followed by the act, the physical act of putting it down for a sense of permanence. Once you get that prod, that emotional jar, that “I have witnessed something.” Or “I have felt something.” Or “I have seen something.” Or, through observation, “I have been moved by an event.” I think the answer is, “Get it down. Get it down quickly. Write it down.”

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  1. But, but, but…overthinking and overanalyzing it is my specialty!!!!!

    • fpdorchak says:

      Take advice from a dead guy, Inky! :-]

      “Take heed traveler, as you pass by, as you are now so once was I…”

      And don’t be answering phone calls late at night…..

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