I’m reblogging my own blog (sounds dirty…) because The Grievers needs MORE air time and is coming out this Tuesday, the 15th. BUY THIS BOOK!!! I laughed my ass off. You will too. It’s good for the calories. I also wanted to point out the EXCELLENT cover work, by Lon Kirschner. Lon had gotten hold of me and told me that in all his years in the biz, his work had never before been mentioned in a review. Well, Lon, you also deserve the mention, because it’s the perfect, well-designed COVER that first grabbed me and got me interested! So, everyone out there GRAB THIS COVER! Do it now!

Runnin Off at the Mouth....

He had me at the cover.

I mean, isn’t it cool?

Black background…red balloon…white clown glove. What’s not to love?

And the title. The font of the title….

But, is the cover evocative of all kinds of quirky, impending highjinks…or merely a clever ruse to get one to buy his book?

The Grievers, penned by Marc Schuster (Permanent Press, May 2012) is about the loss of a sometime friend and how it affects one Charley Schwartz (who, despite what everyone seems to think, is not Jewish…), a conflicted, angst-ridden human dollar sign for an unnamed bank of somewhat regional repute, champion of correct-and-proper apostrophe use, who’s (checking…checking…) actually a sarcastically quick-of-wit doctoral student (not) working on his thesis, and who’s (still checking…) married to a wife in a constant state of quiet Freudian interior design demolition. To grow up or not grow up. Quit the job or…

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