Head’s A Spinnin’….

Super Dodge Ball

Super Dodge Ball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been working crazy hard on creating a new series idea. It’s a mix of X-Files and some other shows/books thrown into the mix, and it’s been all-consuming. But two things brought me to a screeching halt today: 1) I woke up too close to my normal hour, but too early, and reset the clock to add an additional half hour to my sleep, B) a critique from a fellow writer that “nailed it” in telling me I was missing a very large Dodge Ball (“…and what’s with all the sex, anyway…?!”), and Thirdly) a really COOL book review on a novel I’d written in 2001, Sleepwalkers.

Sooo…I’m stepping back–just a step or two–for a spell this a.m. to formulate this post and take a breather on what I need to change on my series idea. So, while I’m doing that, could I interest you in reading the book review Marc Schuster just posted today on Sleepwalkers?

Thanks. And enjoy the road trip.


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