Run For Your Lives – A Zombie-Infested 5K Obstacle Course Race!

This is so damned COOL! Check this out. Though I’ve heard of the concept, I had no idea this was going on (well, had gone on) yesterday, in Lakewood, Colorado.

Here are the rules, but essentially, you run a 5K obstacle course with “flags” attached to a belt, like in flag football. It’s your job to get to the end of the race, and it’s the zombies job to get all your flags and, well, eat your brains.

I’d heard of this starting up, but hadn’t been following it’s incredible take off across the country. Denver’s run yesterday was fourth among 12 in what’s called the 2012 Takeover Tour. In Denver’s run, there were 750 “zombies,” people who [really] play the part of different kinds of zombies (“stumblers” and “chasers”), and there are definite rules to their “brain-eating antics.”

And lots of “blood.”

But also mud, hills, water, and any of a number of HUMAN-made obstacles. Watch the video if you haven’t already–looks like a blast!

And if running from zombies–nor being a brain-eater–ain’t your pound of flesh, then grab an Apocalypse Pass as an spectator (man, they’ve thought of everything)!

Anyway, check out their site, it’s quite expansive and has lots of cool stuff, info, pictures, et cet. Even a FAQs page.

The next apocalypse is set for August 4, in Washington State. Better hurry.

Last one there’s a brain-eater.


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2 Responses to Run For Your Lives – A Zombie-Infested 5K Obstacle Course Race!

  1. Marc Schuster says:

    Wow! Sounds like a fun idea… And what could be better motivation for completing a 5K than the threat of zombies?

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