Let’s Kindle a Fire in HD


I’ve been on the fence about getting any kind of a tablet. Any kind. Had “nice little discussions” with info geeks and you name it. But, even I’m starting to get interested in these things…especially the smaller (7 inch or so) versions. They are great information platforms.

The Kindle Fire HD.

Check out this video—sure, it’s over an hour (but you can drag faster through the timeline), so run it in the background while doing other things, but this thing—if it delivers—sounds really cool. I don’t have a smartphone, but this thing could be my mitigator…accessing e-mail and keeping more “live” on what social media I belong to, making me more accessible to post comments and timely responses to my agent and other writerly needs without paying for the data coverages that rape smartphone users (really, does all of Humanity need to pay such outlandish rates when nearly every human being has a smartphone?!). Were I to own one of these things it has exactly what I’m looking for, and at a rather nice price.

According to Mr. Bezos, with the Kindle Fire HD (7-inch model to ship September 14th, 8.9 inch November 20th), they wanted to create the best tablet at any price. They want to be about services, not hardware. They make money when people use their platforms, not when they buy them and leave in the drawer somewhere.

Many think Amazon the enemy. I’m not convinced they are. And I find this new tablet of theirs quite intriguing, better than nearly every other one I’ve looked into, including the iPad (did I just write that out loud?). For a while I was thinking an iPad the best platform (click here for a comparison link)—better if they came out with a 7-inch model, but so far, I’m really liking what I’m seeing in this Kindle Fire HD.

And, for me to even take the time to post about this, scares even me, but that’s how impressed I am by this thing (at least on paper).

It’s smokin.


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7 Responses to Let’s Kindle a Fire in HD

  1. jcjjones says:


    I bought a refurbished iPad and it was chosen platform only because there appear to be many more iPad apps or apps that serve the iPad than other platforms…. and that aligns with there are so many people who have and are loyal to, Apple/MAC systems. The iPad is the first Apple product I’ve owned… and will probably be the last.

    Good blog! J

    Jan C.J. Jones PO Box 1948 Monument, CO 80132 p./f. 719.487.0435 e. jcjjones@aol.com http://www.forest-rose-productions.com

    In the final analysis, all of us will be judged by the amount of happiness we brought to others. — Ben Williams

  2. fpdorchak says:

    Interesting–Amazon just changed the ship date for the 32GB 7-inch KFHD to October 25th (unless I missed that first time around). The 16GB is still September 14th.

  3. Even though I prefer e-ink displays for serious reading (and Amazon has finally introduced an illuminated e-ink screen “Paperwhite” model), the basic Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ for $299 looks like one heck of a deal!

    • fpdorchak says:

      Yeah, “on paper,” they look great–even those “Paperwhites,” you mention. Hopefully they will match the Amazon hype, because they really DO seem like a great tablet, not just for reading and ordering Amazon stuff. I’m personally interested in the 7-inch version. So, we’ll see how the users feel about them when they start deploying….

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Ron H says:

    If you’re going to wait until the end of November anyway, you might wait until early spring when the big A(as in Apple) guys bring out their scaled down pad. I’m able to do about 90% of all my computer work (including writing) on my iPad at this point. I have an Android device but have had to remove about 2/3 of the apps I got for it because of bundle-eating malware. Unless the OTHER Big A (as in Amazon) lock down the number of apps it will probably be susceptible to the same risks. If they DO lock it down there is a good chance you’ll only be able to get a limited selection of tools.

    • fpdorchak says:

      I’d read that the KFHD only has apps available from Amazon.com–which is far fewer (hope used the right word…) than what Apple sells, so inherently I’d say that’s a “yes.”

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