Okay, time flew by FAST, and there are only THREE DAYS left to my friend, Jan’s, Kickstarter campaign–3 days! Please, help by reblogging, posting, tweeting, e-mailing, and any other way you can. Donate something. Help out if-and-in-any-way you can! She does so much for so many and this is such a cool project! Thank you!

Runnin Off at the Mouth....

Today, I’m interviewing a friend of mine—maybe approaching 20 years?—Jan C. J. Jones, producer, writer, video editor, of Forest Rose, Productions. I’ve always been amazed and in awe of Jan’s incredible, indomitable will, perseverance, and imaginative superpowers. I throw the term “superpowers” around a fair amount, but in Jan’s case, I’m not kidding (pardon the pun). I met her many years ago at a Pikes Peak Writers Conference, with a big smile and a “Hi, I’m Jan—what do you do?”, and that pretty much defines how she operates. Always friendly, always outgoing as hell, and always interested in others. Always doing things for others, sometimes at great personal expense. And then there was the recent loss of her father. Well, I’m so glad to report, she’s finally realizing a dream of hers she’s put on a backburner—and still I can’t say it’s just

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