Tortured and aching

Relentless my quest

The bidding of another

Endless unrest!


As I shuffle and I let

This blood that I spill

Stronger I grow

More powerful my will


I cannot continue!

Unrelenting murder!

My captor has controlled me

But this time no longer!


He commands, he directs

I do, I turn

But this time is different

His dominion I spurn!


He shouts and invokes

Fights and he strikes

But in the end crippled

My might is what frights


I dispatch as I have

To all dead before him

Then turn to a flame

And insert my forelimb


I cannot return

Now free from possession

To once again anguish

In my ancient obsession


I give up my being

Once and for all

By my own hand do it

Oh, will of gods befall




I am released!

Into the afterlife fly

I find my true love

And in her arms


The Mummy Trilogy

About fpdorchak

Upmarket paranormal fiction author. I write gritty, Twilight Zone-like fiction. Please check out my website: https://www.fpdorchak.com/! Thank you for stopping by!
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