The Mummy Trilogy

Boris Karloff

Boris Karloff (Photo credit: twm1340)

That was fun!

In the space of a week, I came up with three poems tied to my favorite monster, the Egyptian mummy. Though I had an immediate idea for the first two, I had nothing on the how I was going to end it all. After I posted those first two, it was like—great, I’ve written myself into a corner. Now, what?

I like how they came out, though may work on them some more off and on. It was extemporaneous, and a fun exercise for a fun event. I don’t fancy myself a poet by any stretch, but like to play around with it every now and then—but do try to keep some semblance of poetic rhyme in place. I’m sure the more professional poets can pick it all apart, but such is life!

And finding “just so” Egyptian graphics was tough. Sometimes new graphics popped up after having first searched for them, on the WP “Recommendations,” like the cool Karloff image above. I was willing to pay for some of them, but I couldn’t find any that allowed for that, once one hit me just so (there was a mummy head image I liked from a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea site (scroll down some to “I cut myself“), but I couldn’t find a way to pay for it, didn’t look free, and contacting and waiting for a response just wasn’t an option on my timeline). I don’t pull just any graphic from a site and use it, that’s copyright infringement, so I use my own stuff, free stuff picked from the web by WP, or pay (e.g., the graphic I used for “By The Light of the Moon,” I payed for—isn’t it cool?).

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed creating them, and thanks for stopping by!

The Mummy Trilogy


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