2013! Welcome To It and Barreling Forward!

2013. Barreling forward. (Photo: By M@rcello;-) )

2013. Barreling forward. (Photo: By M@rcello;-) )

Well.  We made it.

No Mayan Apocalypse.

No fiscal cliffs.

No um…a third thing, I need a third thing….

Okay, no third thing.

New years are cool.  So are Julys. And Decembers. But, New Years are cool. Whether or not we admit to it, I believe we all kindasortado look forward to a “starting over” of sorts. I think it’s part of being Human (so I fall a trifle short, here [I’m told], by some of my friends). I mean, at the least, the Gregorian calendar is a limited time, 365/366 days. It comes to an end every, uh, year. So, it’s only natural to look back over the course of it and relive all the good and the bad, the exhausting…and just plain be…tired. Want to take a break—start over. No harm. No foul. Just Human Nature.

My 2012 was actually a blast. Had a good share of trips, road and air. And got a great start to a new novel—a series, actually. It’s kinda turning into a Romancing The Stone-meets-The X-Files (only because I’m in Peru—in the story, not physically, as I write this post—which is soon to change; started in New York, jetted to France, ended up in Peru—again, all on paper—wish I could say I actually went to these places, but, hey—New Year!). It’s coming along actually quite well, and is taking up lots of my time (finally!). Earlier in the year it was taking a while to get things going, but now, it finally has a life of its own, and I’ve passed the 300-page/50K words mark with still plenty to write, including a bit of back filling with a cool, evil, conspiratorial sub-plot I came up with <evil, rubbing-of-hands gesture>.

Christmas and New Year’s went well, though I got sick in between. I’m not dead yet, as Monty Python is want of saying, so am near 100%.

So, leaving 2012 and barreling into 2013, I want to thank all my followers and readers! And, yes, I’m doing my best in trying to keep up with all your blog posts! The weird thing is when you select “Follow,” you actually have to, you know, read the blogs (well, you don’t really have to do anything, but that brings up moral and ethical issues, for me…). It’s like the Seinfeld episode regarding “taking” and “holding” rental car reservations. “Anyone (fingers flicking through the air) can “Follow” a blog…but the trick is in actually reading the blog…. ”

Anyway, I’m in there, so thanks for your time and your words!

Thanks to my family and friends, both virtual and in-my-face! You all make life fun and worth living! Keep things real!

Thanks to my agent. I know, it’s been a slog, but you’ve stuck with me and believe in me. I know, it’s a weird market out there, and I’ll keep the rest of my thoughts on it clean and family oriented by just stopping there.  Thanks, again, Cherry!

I’d also like to thank what I hope will be my editor-to-be (you know who you are)! Thanks for you cornering me, in April, at that conference, and talking with me about the series idea. Thanks for giving me the tracks on which to place my train (oh, no, you di’n’t! add “that” word!)-of-a-story to barrel forward (noting a trend, here?). It’s given me a new direction. Hope we can do business in the coming year. Maybe even make you a tad paranoid once you read it (the Truth is Out There).  :-]

Thanks to the Metaphysical! Thanks to All That Is (some call This “God”) and to all those nonphysical mechanics (others might term these things angels, Fate, or whatnot; I don’t believe in them [okay, maybe the “whatnot”], hence my term) hard at work behind the curtain of my life! I am appreciative to all my “other selves,” my oversoul, any “Silver Beings,” and what/whomever else is at work at creating and guiding my life, including in-this-moment, little-old-me. Thanks, self, for being you!

Thanks to anyone else I might have missed. Or did miss.

So. Think that covers things. Thanks for stopping by, hope you continue to, and hope you all have had a similarly great Holiday Season, minus the sickness (unless you were listening to Disturbed), and have a similarly outstanding new year!


Bring it.


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Upmarket paranormal fiction author. I write gritty, Twilight Zone-like fiction. Please check out my website: https://www.fpdorchak.com/! Thank you for stopping by!
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3 Responses to 2013! Welcome To It and Barreling Forward!

  1. Gratitude, what a wonderful thing. Let’s hope that “editor who pulls one into corners” snatches up your work. In the meantime, love the process, Frank. And enjoy life, as I know you strive to do. Best to you and Laura in 2013!

    • fpdorchak says:

      One can only hope, Karen, but even if he doesn’t, it got my butt in gear! And, I *do* love the process (as I’ve written before) and enjoy life in and of itself! Cause, you know, when you’re not writing…you’re living life. Helps to enjoy it. :-]

      Thanks for stopping by!

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