I’m Not Spending a Lot For This Muffler!

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been going back through my supernatural murder mystery manuscript. I’d started it back in 2001, “finished” it three years later, given to a part-time writing schedule, basically about 2 hours a day, five days a week, and whatever I can do on the weekends. But since then, I’ve been trying to sell the damned thing (there’s actually a pun in there…) and tweaking it. Nine years worth of that unrelenting activity. Belief in my manuscript. Anywho, as I’ve previously mentioned, I’ve decided I’m going to e-publish it, so I’ve gotten a graphics artist fellow writer friend of mine to work the cover. She’s been a true trooper!  Karen Duvall (here’s her graphics art page) has hung in there trying her best to find the images I’m asking for for my cover design, sometimes spending hours searching for just the right thing (and I spent a couple of hours one morning, myself, also trying to find the right graphics). But in the world of free art, sometimes you just can’t find what you’re looking for—finding free stuff is haaard! And since I’m e-pubing, I’m trying to keep expenses down. Way down. I already went the AuthorHouse route 12 years ago, when there wasn’t much game in town, but now there is, and I’m not spending a lot for this muffler!

So, Karen came up with a really cool image, after multiple go-arounds and attempts and efforts on her part, yesterday (hope she’s still talking with me…), but I think we’ve finally come up with a great image! I’m looking forward to the Big Reveal, when I finally get everything in place. I love the feel of the cover.

Another interesting development during all this was the Jodi Arias trial. My wife and I have been watching it (me, off and on), and it is amazing to me on many levels, but I bring this up because I have a court scene in my novel that goes in a weird direction, much like Juan Martinez and the Seven Dwarfs goes off in a weird direction (and yes, I included that phrase into my manuscript). Now my court scene isn’t as belligerent as this real-life one, but it amazes me at how utterly combative the Law can get when trying to prove their side of the story. Trying (IMHO) to force witnesses to only give a “Yes” or “No,” when the answer might not really be a case of yes or no, but the “Yes” or “No” can make the witness look bad in the presentation of the case, therefore racking up points for whoever such a thing benefits. It was nice to see someone remain utterly composed (whether or not you agree with LaViolette’s side of the story). And I do mean she is utterly unflappable, not intimidated in any way by Martinez’s constant, unrelenting battering—though he, himself, no matter what HLN commentators say (most of whom I find extremely annoying), is not so (he frequently shows his anger, his frustration, and gives nasty “tone” and body language in his deliveries). I’ve never seen such composure in my life, as I have in LaViolette. I’m not going into if LaViolette is biased…just look at her composure. Incredible. Perhaps comes from dealing with lots of rage in her 36-year-or-so career. She also knows all the psychological tactics Martinez is employing—and calls him on them—and doesn’t fall for them. But I digress. I just wanted to mention this trial because of the weird Seven Dwarfs turn it took, and the trial in my novel also takes a weird turn. I have also had two actual (now retired, I believe) judges read the court-room scenes to make sure it remains true in structure and presentation.

Okay, so after I make all my manuscript redlines, get my Tax ID number, and do the rest of the logistical end of things, I will get this story out there. So, in the meantime, sorry haven’t been keeping up on everyone’s blogs, tweets, e-mails, and what-have-you, but there’s only so much time in the day!


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4 Responses to I’m Not Spending a Lot For This Muffler!

  1. DuvallDesign says:

    Thanks, Frank! I wish the images I use were free, but they’re not. I pay for the privilege of using royalty free photos, but the subscription service I use is relatively inexpensive. I just want to make sure everyone knows that taking images off the internet without permission or paying for them is copyright infringement, which I would never do. 🙂

    • fpdorchak says:

      True, I unintentionally misrep’ed that!

      I know you have your subscriptions, and you were pulling off those sites (some images I couldn’t even look at without creating an account), but I meant to have to pay “extra” for them…something about some images being more expensive/outside your usual resources…? Guess I got whatever phrase locked in my head and/or I misunderstood—sorry!

      But, yes, great point, pulling any image off the Internet that doesn’t expressly say you can or isn’t “free use,” is copyright infringement. I created some books for the family some years ago, and I wanted a certain picture, and found it, and gladly paid the photographer for the use of it—but he also told me that were I to ever go commercial with that book, we’d have to work out a different rate. The rate he gave me was incredibly fair.

      Thanks, again, for clearing that up, Karen! :-]

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