The Uninvited

The Uninvited, © F. P. Dorchak (cover art: Duvall Design, 2013)

The Uninvited, © F. P. Dorchak (cover art: Duvall Design, 2013)

Kacey Miller is running from her past.

Sleepless, frustrated, and out-of-work, she stumbles onto a heinous crime scene. In the dead of night all residents of a brand-new retirement home in the balmy, sleepy south Florida town of Sunset Harbor have been murdered. The killers are everyday people from across the globe. None know why they did what they did, and—once apprehended—many take their own lives.

Desperate for work, and angst-ridden from having left her husband and newborn in a fit of postpartum depression a year earlier, Kacey writes up the story and lands a job as a local stringer—but all is not as it seems with the murderers…nor Kacey. The murderers are normal everyday people, with no history of past violence, and all are confused and vehemently disbelieving of their actions, tormented by inexplicable, supernatural forces. During her investigation, Kacey, like the murderers, is besieged by the same bizarre, supernatural visions the murderers are experiencing, and begins having her own angry, violent nightmares that end up forcing her to confront another long-denied secret: a one-nighter with a high-powered news media executive the night she’d run away from her family…who later turns up during the executive’s national coverage of the crime.

Kacey, the investigators, and the murderers are all forced to confront their actions and inter-relations to examine deep, buried issues to find how they are all tied to each other in ways that will forever change their lives..and those around them.

Welcome in…the uninvited. A bizarre supernatural murder mystery that takes crime scene investigation—and prosecution—to a whole new level. The Uninvited will be released Memorial Day weekend.

Let them in…you don’t really have a choice….

“I get the chills…a most impressive work.”

Rob Butts, Seth Material Facilitator/Author, The Seth Material, The Early Sessions, The Personal Sessions

“I found I could not stop reading this thriller. I became totally fascinated by the depth of Dorchak’s exploration into the many influences beneath the hostilities performed. I was especially delighted with his reference to the modern pioneer in metaphysics and philosophy, Jane Roberts—right there beside the famous psychic Edgar Cayce. Today’s police and lawyers need this novel!”

Madelon Rose Logue, Editor/Publisher, The Black Sheep


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17 Responses to The Uninvited

  1. Wow for that cover! The plot shares a basic trope with the 1977 movie “God Told Me To”, (normal people suddenly turning killers for no apparent reason) but that only heightens my interest.

    Great job, Frank!

  2. Reblogged this on Vampire Syndrome Blog and commented:
    An intriguing story concept, and check out that cover art!

  3. Maybe I didn’t read this carefully enough. Is it only releasing on e-book? I know I said this before, but love the cover!

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