Music of The Uninvited

When I wrote The Uninvited, I found that the music of Creed really embodied the feel of the story, so I played a lot of them over the three years it took to write this novel. This tune, in particular, really gets me, and whenever I’d work on the last pages, the final scene, I always put it on. A Thousand Faces was also a big tune, in ways that should become apparent upon reading Uninvited. I always get (still do, after 12 years—I started The Uninvited in 2001) a little bit emotional whenever I hear Creed, because of Kacey, Sheila, Jack and Hedda Hocker, and all the rest the restless souls. So, every time I went back over the story, I found it just wasn’t right listening to anything else (I tried). It was either Creed…or silence….

Enjoy this freaky video.

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9 Responses to Music of The Uninvited

  1. I’ve never been able to listen to music and write – I get too wrapped up in the lyrics or the melody and get distracted. I like the white noise of people chatting in a restaurant…and if an interesting tidbit catches my attention, I can get a little eavesdropping fix.

    • fpdorchak says:

      Have heard that from others. Doesn’t bother me, but sometimes I just can’t have music on, either, but not for your reason. Sometimes I just want to write in quiet.

  2. I have a complete chapter-by-chapter playlist of songs I listened to while writing Vampire Syndrome, right after the glossary.

    • fpdorchak says:

      Well, will definitely have to check that out when I get to your book!

      Music plays a big role in the Human Condition, I think. Brings out many emotions, soothes savage hearts, excites them, calms the spirit. It’s amazing to me how different I can feel when listening to different pieces when I’m doing something, versus NOT listening to music and doing the same thing. But the same can be said for many things, like the books we read, the shows and movies we watch, the people we hang out with. It’s all about frequencies and resonance. Everything has it, even a rock.

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