Things That Most People Zoom Past: An Interview with Christopher Meeks

I am quite impressed by this most thought-provoking interview!

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9947085_origI’ve been a fan of Christopher Meeks since reading his short story collection Months and Seasons several years ago. Whether short fiction, a drama, or his novels, each story, while serious, is layered with the odd. As author Gina B. Nahai says, “If the object of art is to capture the reality of the human condition one glimpse at a time, then Christopher Meeks succeeds gloriously.” Critic Grady Harp says, “Meeks is a master craftsman.”

I recently caught up with Meeks to chat about his new novel, Blood Drama.

Tell us a little bit about the novel.

Blood Drama is the story of Ian Nash. He has lost his girlfriend, just been thrown out of a graduate program in theatre, and is taken hostage in a bank robbery gone awry. He must fight for his life. He’s determined to exact revenge, with or without the FBI’s help.

You’ve published two excellent short…

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2 Responses to Things That Most People Zoom Past: An Interview with Christopher Meeks

  1. I’m a huge fan of short stories – esp in this time of my life when there is not enough time. Thanks for posting this. Love that quote about one glimpse at a time. That is so right on!

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