The Black Forest Fire, Colorado

The Black Forest Fire, started Tuesday, June 11th, just NNE of Colorado Springs, Colorado has now become the most destructive fire in Colorado history. And this in less than a year from the Waldo Canyon Fire (started June 23, 2012). Currently 473 homes have burned in the Black Forest Fire, which has grown to 15,700 acres and forced 38,000+ people from their homes. Over a thousand emergency responders are involved, including military aircraft (Chinooks, Blackhawks, C-130s, the first ever DC-10, etc.; see here for aerial footage). As of last night, with the rains that fell over the area aiding in the firefighting effort, the fire is estimated as 30% contained, with an estimated containment date of June 20th. Two people have been confirmed to have died from this fire, having been trapped in their garage. What these numbers fail to gauge is the emotional toll on all who’ve lost something to this fire. It’s utterly tragic, but so heartwarming to see so many in the community reaching out and helping. Our hearts go out to everyone affected.

As of last night, the Royal Gorge Fire is 65% contained, at 3,218 acres. The famous bridge is still standing but still needs to be inspected.

There are additional fires in Colorado. See this link.


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4 Responses to The Black Forest Fire, Colorado

  1. Thanks for the heartfelt update Frank.

  2. jpon says:

    I heard a report on NPR recently that the current drought level climate in Colorado may become the norm in 30-40 years unless climate change issues are addressed. Scary.

    Stay safe, Frank.

    • fpdorchak says:

      Well, there’s a can of worms if there ever was one, huh? Climate change. Both sides adamantly scream they have proof for their arguments and that the other side is lying. Cyclical…Human induced? Political? All of the above? Sigh. Long, drawn-out sigh….

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