Interviewed by Marc Schuster on Abominations

My brewski (Wiki photo).

My brewski (Wiki photo).

What have I done?

What “abominations,” you might well ask?

Well, last week Marc Schuster and I talked. Though I have done live radio, both on and off the Internet, this is my first podcast. The way Marc conducted the interview was slick, as we met real time for the first time. Before I knew it, he had effortlessly and with adroit aplomb (scholarly talk, because, you know, Marc is a professor…) slid into asking his questions, and it felt like a conversation between two dudes over a beer (or iced tea). I didn’t feel like I was being interviewed (that’s how “they” getcha), I thought in the middle of it all, and part of me wondered, gee, what kind of trouble am I going to get myself into, here? And as I thought that, I immediately thought, crap, what did I just say and what had he just asked? Then, as I was thinking that, I again wondered, geeze, now what did I just say….

So, I apologize in advance. For everything.

Anyway, Marc is quite the well-mannered and easygoing gentleman, and I had a great time. We both had a fun time. That’s my story, anyway. I thank him for the interview and expenditure of his time in putting all this together (aaand…am looking forward to the dance remix version…), but…perhaps more than anything…well, I’m really curious…and looking forward to…that little ditty he (and sometimes his partner-in-crime) always put on before the actual interviews….


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10 Responses to Interviewed by Marc Schuster on Abominations

  1. Marc Schuster says:

    This time around, I get the “water” theme going with a brief story about a swimming pool and a childhood friend named Bruce. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

    • fpdorchak says:

      Thanks for the interview, Marc, and thanks for associating me with pissing in the pool (“…the pool is fine…the pool is MINE”!)! No, really, I actually love that, cause it’s almost like I’m figuratively doing that to “traditional thought”. It’s the “thinky” part of my work. Going outside “the boxes” of life…showing how there might be different ways of looking at things we already take for granted…going behind the curtain of life, and all that. :-]]]

      And, yeah, I AM kinda smiling, as I do it…. ;-]


  2. So that’s what you sound like, Frank! 🙂 Cool interview.

    • fpdorchak says:

      Thank you, Mandy. You know, speaking from other dimensions sometimes gets a bit…grainy. ;-]

      Funny, I didn’t think about this until later, but I have an interview of me from last year, on Internet radio, on my website: I had thought I should link with this interview; this sound quality should be better. There should be a narrow control bar just under the book’s cover (I can’t see it on my machine, because I’m behind in updating my QuickTime, but it’s on my updater software tool that uploads website changes, so it has to still be there).

      Thanks for stopping by!

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