Uninvited Update

The Uninvited, © F. P. Dorchak (cover art: Duvall Design, 2013)

The Uninvited, © F. P. Dorchak (cover art: Duvall Design, 2013)

Well, I slightly messed up a little of the front matter of my Uninvited novel. I had a list of blurbs that should have been included into the paperback, and totally missed them! They’re in the e-book, but hadn’t made it into the paperback. I looked back on my checklist, and found I had no mention of “include blurbs,” or words to that effect. It’s in there now.

So, what to do?

Well, since I’m indie, I merely contacted my über formatter, Pam, and we’ve corrected that. So, the content of the book’s file now has them in there, and I’m awaiting approval from CreateSpace as they do their “human” review. When that’s approved, I will post back “out there.” Hopefully this updated version will be available within a day or two.

By the way, to make it easier on those who would like a signed copy of any of my work, send to: F. P. Dorchak, P. O. Box 49393, Colorado Springs, CO 80949. Simply send the book with the proper amount of return postage included (or cash or check for same) and to whom you want it signed, and I’ll sign and return it.

I like how that “uninvited” title works on so many levels!

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5 Responses to Uninvited Update

  1. jpon says:

    Same thing happened to me with my book. Thank goodness for digital files. Makes it so easy to update. In the old printing days a mistake like that would have cost thousands to fix.

    And I plan on making another change to mine, as a well known author is reading the book for a blurb possibility. Just have to resubmit a new file. Second edition, anyone?

    Oh, and you might want to watch your post titles, Frank. “Uninvited Update” in my email sounds like spam. 🙂

    • fpdorchak says:

      Ha! Good point, Joe! Thanks! And, yes, isn’t that great? :-]

      Just got the CreateSpace approval back on the change, but this time getting a proof copy before I go live with it, so this will take another week. Just wanna make SURE….

  2. Fast and easy, unlike traditional publishing in which they freak out if you want to make too many changes even for a second printing. One of the benefits of self pubbing e or pod.

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