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Writer's Stop

Let Me Be Your One-Stop-Writer’s Stop! (“Writer’s Stop,” photo credit: Stephh922)

I’m 52 (and look young for my age; some say even act younger than my age, like, way, waaay younger…),  5′ 10″ (lost 1.5 inches somewhere along the past 2 years…), 197 lbs. I work out, love the outdoors, have a keen sense of humor (and am even kinda funny), answer to anything from “Heeeey, youuuu…,” to “F. P.,” or “Frank,” love hikes through woods and rocky areas, love me some good Black Iced Tea, annnd…

I’m available for speaking engagements!

Yes, that’s right—do you belong to a readers’ group? Writers’ group? A library? Do you run a conference? Well, if you’re looking for an up-and-coming author-speaker-reader, I’m your guy! Get me before I get all famous and stuff, overbooked! I’m available! Just e-mail me, at fpdorchak “at” fpdorchak dot com (you know, make your standard e-mail address out of all that)! I can read passages, we can discuss them, discuss what went wrong inside my head to write those passages, that kinda thing. Or maybe we could discuss the process of writing (let’s not get into grammar, though; I’m not your guy, there, and use multiple reference books), the whole indie-versus-traditional process, or your group can read my work, then invite me to a question-and-answer gig. If you run a conference, I can speak about what I’ve learned about going indie. We could discuss the paranormal and supernatural in everyday lives; reincarnationsynchronicity. Hey, I’m open, and quite easy to get along with (and, yes, you can end a sentence with a “with”)!

Did I mention I’m available?

Hey, and during any engagements, I’ll give away a book or three (depending on audience size). And if you think you’re too far for me to travel, then, boom!, let’s Skype! Do a phone interview! I’ve spoken at a writer group or two, presented at a writer’s conference on an Indie publishing panel, and have been on local and Internet radio (I’m told I have the perfect face for radio, the perfect voice for print). Click here to see some proof. Click here for more proof. Really, you need more proof?

Blog tour?

I’m your guy!

Arm candy at the Academy Awards?

Well, let me check my schedule….

In short (and hurry up, I seem to be getting shorter as the years go by), I’m open to most writerly gigs. Just e-mail me and let’s see what we can come up with! Let’s have some fun and talk about Indie publishing, writing, or the paranormal! Let me be your One-Stop-Writer’s Shop!


About fpdorchak

Upmarket paranormal fiction author. I write gritty, Twilight Zone-like fiction. Please check out my website:! Thank you for stopping by!
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2 Responses to Ask Me Out…I’m Available!

  1. Arm Candy … does Laura know you are offering that! Wow. I want to go to academy award!

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