Merry Christmas, From WestJet!

Okay, I don’t care what your thoughts on commercialized Christmas or Xmas are, focusing on Santa or on any religious meaning, this was really cool, what the Canadian airline, WestJet, did for some of its passengers. What the people of the company did. Read the story here.

As the article says, it’s nice to know that with all the bad out there, there are still those who try to do some good.

Do I care that it “only” comes at Christmas time?


I care that it happens at all.

We like to bemoan, “Why doesn’t this kind of stuff happen throughout the year,” but do we really believe that, or do we just like to complain? There are all kinds of people and companies who do this kind of thing throughout the year, at differing levels of activity. And, sure, you could complain that it’s a marketing ploy. You could.

Orrr…you could just enjoy the caring and giving spirit of the simple act in and of itself and allow yourself to be swept away by the emotion of people helping people at all. About people trying to make the world a little better at all. About people trying to brighten other people’s lives at all.

And if you still can’t find it within yourself to see the good in people or this wonderful act, then maybe you should look at your own self and outlook on life and how your actions and thoughts contribute to making the world a better place in any way.

Oh, and WestJet says that since they met and exceeded their goal of 200,000 view (they actually got over 27 million views in a week), they are also going to donate holiday flights to charity.

Merry Christmas, everybody!


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2 Responses to Merry Christmas, From WestJet!

  1. Chavon says:

    Aaaawww…I enjoyed the video 🙂 I would rather read/watch articles like this every day versus hearing about what a Kardashian was wearing or Lindsey Lohan back in rehab. Who cares if it may have been a marketing ploy, it made me smile either way. Loved it ❤ Merry Christmas Frank and Laura!

  2. good for them…and good for all of those (us) who do try to do all these wonderful things all year long. There is hope for humanity. We find it on small scales all around us. We just have to see it when it happens. Merry Christmas Frank and to all a good…night and 2014!

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