Save The Weather Channel?

Okay, I admit it, I do watch The Weather Channel (TWC).

There, I said it.

I usually have it on in “the background,” unless I have Pandora on, or some cool science fiction or supernatural show or movie to “set atmosphere” when I’m writing. I love Wake Up With Al for the banter and amusing repertoire between Al Roker and Stephanie Abrams. They need their own show, if you want my opinion. Have great chemistry. I’ve always been interested in the weather, certain family members across the country and I always ask about it when we talk. Maybe it makes us all feel “more there” with each other, since everyone can identify with the weather, or maybe it’s from always having been outside and active, or all the many cool and varied weather patterns and weirdness that the weather can cause and exhibit as it envelops our planet. Maybe it’s all of these things. But just this weekend I learned that DirecTV is axing TWC tonight. The first thought in my head was, hmmm…I bet TWC is asking for too much money…or at least “too much money,” according to DirecTV.

This morning I did a quick search, and sure enough, that’s the issue.

So, whether (pardon the pun) or not DirecTV is being unreasonable or TWC is being greedy, I don’t know, and am not about to delve any deeper, but the claims I’ve been hearing from TWC all weekend (the Keeptheweatherchannel campaign) about them saving lives?


Okay, I can see how a weather channel can save lives, but as one article put it, TWC, stop the hyperbole!

Forty percent (that 40%!) of TWC programming are reality shows! In addition to that, I discovered a long time ago that local forecasters are far better at predicting the weather for any location I’ve traipsed through than TWC. DirecTV has also started its own weather channel, channel 361 (TWC’s is 362), called Weather Nation (the link doesn’t even really work, yet!). This may not be a good sign, but my first stop on it this morning yielded a rather long commercial. And with the recent upgrade at TWC’s studios, I’m sure TWC feels justified in their asking price, to stay more engaged and “hip” with their audience. Apparently they are still on other providers, and that’s great.

But…saving lives? That’s their campaign?

I wish TWC all the best in their fight to stay on DirecTV, I do think they’re a great service, amusing, informative, but I do not turn to them when real, life-threatening concerns affect my living space. I find this media attack an affront to my intellect. If anything, I use the local stations. Sorry, TWC, I’m just being honest, but good luck!


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17 Responses to Save The Weather Channel?

  1. Bob says:

    Keep the weather channel – it is a life send for many people

    • fpdorchak says:

      I hope it will be reinstated back on DirecTV, it was a fun channel, and I loved Wake up With Al, but WeatherNation has replaced its Weather Channel channel 362 slot, so, there’s still a national weather channel that can be used….

  2. Geraldine Diehl says:

    Bring back the weather channel to Direct Tv. Weather nation just doesn’t cut it.

  3. Jo says:

    Keep the Weather Channel… My husband is a trucker and we use this to check road and weather conditions. It is a must for all…

  4. John Ledford says:

    is this some kinda joke? How many employees on the Weather Channel are in the street? Oh, I know, cutting back on expenses must mean a reduced delivery rate? Wrong. The rates will go up. I’m off to the phone and Dish

  5. marta says:

    Keep the weather channel,…. my granddaudhter’s husband travels alot on business and the weather channel is very helpful.

  6. I’m pretty sure the Weather Channel is one of Turner’s channels – they work out of the same building in Atlanta where my Turner Classic Movies-employed sister works. I somehow doubt Turner is suffering. I wonder if they are going to move to a streaming subscription model someday soon though. They recently launched the Watch TCM app that allows you to watch that channel live on any computer & mobile device. You have to have a cable or satellite subscription right now, but…the times they are a changing!

    • fpdorchak says:

      Yeah, and really, if people really “need” a weather *channel* (note, I say WEATHER CHANNEL, not making fun of needing to WATCH *any* weather channel, cause I get the need for watching the weather and how it really can save lives…) Weather Nation is running in place of TWC, on the same DirecTV station that TWC was on. It’s just not as “slick” as TWC. So, folks, you can watch WN if you need a substitute weather channel to stay tuned to…so, cool, people can or soon can get mobile apps for Watch TCM/TWC. Thanks for the info, Mandy!

      • I asked little sister about this, and she said it was a big ta-doo at Turner – DirecTV threatened to drop ALL Turner stations! I can imagine that would not have gone over very well with the public. They had to do a lot of negotiating, but I guess TWC didn’t make the cut.

  7. rocco Zaldivar says:

    we love the weather channel and we urge you to not make the mistake of taking this vital channel for viewers that need to know whats going on with the weather specially how mother nature is constantly changing and getting worse it would be detrimental to do something like that!!! Besides my husband says that taking the weather channel off would be like like…taking Micheal Jordan out of basketball so thank you very much for ur time…..

    • fpdorchak says:

      Just keep in mind that though The Weather Channel (TWC) is gone from DirecTV, Weather Nation has taken its place. It is interesting to note, however, this letter from DirecTV’s Mike White, Chairman, President and CEO, which reinforces the claims made elsewhere that TWC is asking too much [money] for too little [actual weather]. Sounds a bit like the old MTV channel—it started out fine showing actual MUSIC videos, then went the way of reality shows:

      Again, keep in mind that WeatherNation IS in TWC’s place, on the same channel TWC was even on, so there is still a weather channel to use!

  8. Larry Jacobs says:

    I watched Jim Cantore report from the Coastland under the assaut of a wind and rain storm. Maybe a camera? If the weather would have deteriorated the weather channel would have asked the local officials to place their personnel in “harms way” to save the idiot. If you really need the “local” forecast you can be assured the “helicopter saving someone in Alaska” will be aired for the 400th time and of course no local weather.
    And yet the employees claim their form of weather reporting is critical.
    Really? There are much more reliable sources for weather information available.

  9. fpdorchak says:

    Well. As of today, April 9, 2014, the Weather Channel appeared back on DirecTV. Interesting. Okay, it is kinda nice seeing the “old faces” and personalities back. :-]

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