Yeah, you. I'm talkin' to YOU. (By Wer-Al Zwowe (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

Yeah, you. I’m talkin’ to YOU. (By Wer-Al Zwowe (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

Okay, I have finally gotten my act together and created my first newsletter (sent by MailChimp; to only get the newsletter, do not create a MailChimp account here; go to the column on the right of this post, and select “Newsletter” to only get a newsletter; this “MailChimp” link is for creating a MailChimp account to send newsletters), which is cool and funny in and of itself, and makes neat, chimp-like noises when you watch their instructional videos). It’s set to send early tomorrow morning. I’m curious to see if people get it and if it’s readable. It’s not about me, this first one. I hope to have some sort of regularly scheduled missive sent out, either quarterly or monthly. Depends on what I have to say. If you haven’t yet done so, and are interested, please select the “Newsletter” selection to the upper right.

Once again, thank you for your support!


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Upmarket paranormal fiction author. I write gritty, Twilight Zone-like fiction. Please check out my website:! Thank you for stopping by!
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4 Responses to Newsletter

  1. karen Lin says:

    I signed up for Chimp (had to give address etc. 😦 I assume when I get your invite for the newsletter it will require that I follow a link and use my password to get and ok that?

    • fpdorchak says:

      It should just arrive in the email, like Teresa Funk’s newsletter, if you get that one. Nuttin’ special. I assume just an address and name, and which format to receive (HTML or plain text)?

      Thanks, Karen!

      • karen Lin says:

        I assume the invite will lead me to the link to actually sign up for it and ask me about html etc. I assume I’ll just ask for plain text. This was only an invite to join Chimp….

        • fpdorchak says:

          By the “invite,” if I understand you correctly, you mean the blog post titled “Newsletter”? That was just a blog post, and I titled it poorly, methinks. :-\ I forget about that sometimes, as has been pointed out. There is no “invite”…just go to my main blog site page, at Runnin’ off at the Mouth, and off in the right column is a selection for “Newsletter.” If we’re still not syncing up, just email me and we’ll figger it out. :-]

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