Cemetery Art

By Robin from Kraków, Poland (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0 Public domain via Wikimedia Commons)

By Robin from Kraków, Poland (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0 Public domain via Wikimedia Commons)

You know, one might well ask, what the hell, Frank? Why are you so fascinated with cemeteries?

Fair question.

I’m fascinated with life…and life involves transitions. Part of those transitions…is death.


I posted my query to myself on this same question, in my post Cemetery Dance, where I attempt to answer this question. But, since I’ve gotten onto Pinterest, I found something else that piques my interest about cemeteries: all the really cool cemetery art. Yes, art. The stuff is incredible. It’s art that rarely seems to get the time of day. Sure, some of it is creepy, but to someone, like myself, who’s interested in the paranormal and supernatural, wow, it’s some of the neatest art out there! A real-life Night Gallery of sculptures! And what they reveal in their composition can be quite stunning. The love and caring that went into their creation, the expression of their love for the dear departed over which they now reign can be downright striking.

So, rather than post all kinds of Pinterest photos here (if that’s even legal…), please take a look at some of my collection. I’ve only recently gotten onto Pinterest, so I don’t have a ton of material, but I do add to it kinda frequently, so please, feel free to stop by off and on, during your travels! Hope you find them as fascinating as I do!

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6 Responses to Cemetery Art

  1. karen Lin says:

    Love cemeteries (like walking through history, very personal history)… wandering through, reading the epitaphs, and when in Rome, I even loved the ancient graphite on the catacombs walls.

  2. Paul says:

    I don’t blame you for your fascination. I remember visiting Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia one time (http://www.hollywoodcemetery.org/) and taking pictures of some of the remarkable tombstones you find there. It’s a morbid beauty, sure, but beautiful nonetheless. Good post — and bonus points for the Night Gallery reference! 🙂

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