Saint Patrick Cemetery, Chateaugay, New York

Saint Patrick Cemetery, Chateaugay, NY, July 16, 2015

Saint Patrick Cemetery, Chateaugay, NY, July 16, 2015

After having visited High Falls Park, my stepmom and I briefly stopped by the Saint Patrick Cemetery, which is just off the appropriately named  Cemetery Road. I’d noticed it when we drove in to visit the falls, as we hooked a left off Route 11.

Saint Patrick’s was a good-sized cemetery, and I didn’t spend too much time there, since we had other things to do and a whirl-wind schedule-of-our-own-making to meet, but my stepmom did indulge me and stop, and I did walk among the dead for a bit under an utterly gorgeous blue North Country sky with barely a cloud. Upon our return to Malone, we also stopped at the Morningside Cemetery, which will be in another post.


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10 Responses to Saint Patrick Cemetery, Chateaugay, New York

  1. Wendy Brydge says:

    I’ve always been partial to those impressive cross-topped markers. Beautiful! And I chuckled (respectfully, of course) at “LaGrave”. Reminds me of my favourite gravestone name in my grandmother’s cemetery: “Deadman”.

  2. karen Lin says:

    I couldn’t see the slide show, big black square. Do I not have Java Script maybe. No idea.

    • karen Lin says:

      Oooops. It finally started up. Took a long time to load. Wow… nice photos! I love walking through cemeteries-especially with head stones and sculptures – the new flat on the ground markers are BORING!!!. Wen and I don’t do it for fun (though I used to when single-esp in Paris!). He’s pretty superstitious so it makes him feel uncomfortable.

      • fpdorchak says:

        Thanks! Well, some people don’t get into this, understandably. I have one more post of cemeteries, Morningside, Malone. I think it’ll be next week….

    • fpdorchak says:

      Lately my WP slideshows seem to be extremely sluggish, even on my machine. Don’t know what’s going on…but ti eventually fills in….

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  5. Frank, This may be the cemetery near the old railroad line at the bottom of High Falls Chasm.
    Here are a few more links to posts I have done in that area. I hope I am not infringing too much on your posts. Just thought you may like to see them.

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