Publishing Monopoly?

Get The Right POV. (Image by By Taken by Shmuel Spiegelman using a Canon 10D [CC BY-SA 1.0,], via Wikimedia Commons)

Get The Right POV. (Image by By Taken by Shmuel Spiegelman using a Canon 10D [CC BY-SA 1.0,, via Wikimedia Commons)

I’m not as “hooked” into the whole publishing angst like I used to be, and to be frank about it, I’m glad I’m not. I’m tired of the same old arguments…tired of the animosities…and how much of it what is being slung at Amazon seems to come from Traditional Publishing’s ilk (and I’m really not even all that “against” Traditional Publishing like I used to be).

It’s all about degree. Perspective. Point of view. Intent.

I’m just me…trying to make my own dent in the world of books and short stories. But I just read an article (once again) about the Evil Empire Amazon’s “monopoly” on the world of publishing. Good points were made to be sure.

But we seem to forget something here, or maybe I’m just too naive and not plugged in anymore, but we all railed on and on about TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING, too, remember that?

Yeah, how those “Gatekeepers” (we used to call them) were so Ivory Towered and incestuous and so looking for that Quick Buck that all this “crap” was getting published. Or the Same Old Thing. That “They” Talked-the-Talk-but-Didn’t-Walk-the-Walk.


How they screwed over authors with crappy covers and even shittier terms.


Well…comes along a New Gorilla and—whoa!—the guns are quickly swung over to them as the newly painted target.


Because they’re kicking the snot out of traditional publishing.

(my enemy’s enemy…)

And I’m not saying all their business practices are stellar—but neither is traditional publishing’s!

But, oh, how quickly we forget.

Sure, if Amazon’s doing something illegal, they need to be held accountable for it—just like Traditional Publishing should similarly be held accountable (and has been taken so to task). New York—you’re not exactly smelling like a rose bush, either. But I find it so fascinating how articles and the Loudest Shouters are making a new “fact”; how everyone’s dumping on Amazon—but they ARE selling books…oh, and yeah, like Traditional Publishing. But Amazon gives authors a little more for their blood, sweat, and tears and they seems far more innovative than the Traditional world. And even Amazon is adopting similar “traditional practices,” like not publishing everything they get and instituting their own “Gatekeepers.”

Big Businesses are big businesses. They’ll always be doing something illegal or not-quite-moral somewhere. It’s what those entities do and the people who run them do. They’re not authors, they’re not editors. They’re Money People. Period. Sometimes they get caught…especially when spotlights are swung their way. Then they lawyer-up and the best arguments win and they move on.

It’s a business expense.

So don’t blindly be dumping on Amazon while forgetting all that Traditional Publishing also hasn’t done for you.

Nobody’s perfect.

Media needs stories.

Conflict sells.

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6 Responses to Publishing Monopoly?

  1. Paul says:

    Interesting. I’m sure there’s plenty of blame to go around. And of COURSE you can be FRANK, Frank! Do you really have any choice? ;D

    • fpdorchak says:

      I normally (the “newer” me) try to avoid these kinds of blogs—almost didn’t post this—but it just hit me a “certain way” and, well, here it is. I posted it mainly to show a counterpoint to an annoying whine-into-the-world. To be honest, didn’t mean it in any mean-spirited way…just as a reminder. Things aren’t always as they seem, no matter how much louder others may be over others….

  2. Wendy Brydge says:

    Good points, Frank. Thinking about all this kind of stuff makes me sad that people have so much trouble just doing what they love, you know? Be it writing, painting, or anything else. Seems like there’s always something or someone sticking their rotten little fingers in and making things difficult for others. Writers just want to write and be read; artists just want to paint and have their paintings seen. And if you can make a little $$ doing it? So much the better. But everything is just complicated it seems and in the end, does anyone win? Not so sure anymore.

    • fpdorchak says:

      In Humanity there will be those who don’t like what another does…or those who bend the rules a little [too far]…can’t be helped. And it’s hard to avoid some of it, directly or collaterally. And sometimes for all the well-meaningness of others/ourselves we still do stupid things. Such is being Human. But, yes, it would be great if we could just “do our thing” without hurting others…and make a living off of it. There’s also a whole “Zen side” to all this that makes this (and my reply) moot and annoying to myself….

  3. Kare Lin says:

    You are right. Easy to find scapegoats in an industry that, by its nature, ends up with very few financial winners. It’s one reason I try to have fun with my writing. Then I can enjoy it like a hobby as I push forward with the intensity of a career. K

    • fpdorchak says:

      I find that when we focus on the problems in life…they take on “more” than focusing on what we really want/the solution…which was one major reason I wasn’t sure I wanted to post this. Then I get philosophically “slapped in the face” by an acquaintance Facebook-posting a totally related philosophical topic that directly relates to my post! Coincidence? Negative. :-] And I thank her for posting it (thanks, Lynda!)—whether or not she did it because of what I wrote. It’s totally germane and goes to show me that I should have stuck to my earlier assertion of not posting this and not adding to the FOCUS of “Us v. Them.”

      So, I learned me a lesson. Again, I should have listened to myself.

      Hey, y’all—just “art” what you want to “art”…ignore the bullshit…and discover YOUR path to your goals. Engage with only positive and constructive energy. This sounds lame…but between the words and the letters is a very deep understanding that needs to be assimilated…and we all have to find that within ourselves….

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