Conscious Living Interview With Wendy Garrett

Click this link for the interview!

Second time’s the charm?

Wendy and I tried to record this interview a week ago (the last interview that never happened…), but ran into…let’s just call it “doppelgänger issues”…and the interview was lost….

But yesterday, all things fell into place! The irony of it all was that this interview was originally scheduled for yesterday‘s date, but Wendy had moved it to the previous week (and there’s more about this in the podcast, above).

Insert doppelgänger issues.

Here we are now.

Sorry about the occasional feedback issues, but it is technology.

Wendy is so charming, gracious, and fun! Thank you, Wendy, for two fun interviews, thanks for having me, and I hope we do some more of these! Thank you, listeners, for listening! And thanks to Matt, for his excellent production efforts!


Things are not always as they seem….

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4 Responses to Conscious Living Interview With Wendy Garrett

  1. Wendy Brydge says:

    Very interesting interview, Frank, I just finished listening! You and OTHER Wendy worked up a nice on-air rapport. It’s wonderful that you’re getting opportunities to do fun (and hopefully beneficial for promoting your book!) things like this.

    And I think you have the right idea regarding all of your sites. Yes, it would have been great to consolidate everything, but if it’s just an endless hassle, then I think you mentioned to Wendy the best option: Post to the blogs, and then just add links to them on your website. Sort of make it like a hub of links — a table of contents, if you will.

    P.S. I may need to check out that “People of Earth” show. I hadn’t heard of that before!

    • fpdorchak says:

      Thanks ORIGINAL Wendy! ;-] Yes, Other Wendy I had had a blast! That was the third time we’d talked (second if you don’t count the first interview that never was…), and we do have fun together!

      I’ve looked into how to redirect to other platforms on this new website, but seemed have forgotten how to do so. Just so much stuff to have to relearn. I think there’s a slicker way to redirect…but just can’t figure it out and have too much going on right now to go all Help Desk on myself….

      Thanks so much for listening!

  2. Paul says:

    There aren’t many 50-minute podcasts out there that would have me listening right at the end, Frank, but you managed that here! An enlightening discussion, to be sure — one for the (virtual) scrapbook. I like Wendy’s description of The Twilight Zone, where she said you have to watch it to see if it will go the way you think, or if it will surprise you. That dynamic certainly seems to be at work with your book as well. Good luck with it!

    • fpdorchak says:

      Thanks, Paul! I thought she had a cool perspective on quite a few things! :-] I’ve had a couple people say similar, so it’s good to know I can mess with people! 😛

      And thanks for listening, I’m glad we held your interest! It was much fun to do! Wendy’s a great host!

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