New York State/Vermont Vacation

Headed East (© 2017 F. P. Dorchak)

Headed East (© 2017 F. P. Dorchak)

Last month my wife and I made our annual trip back to upstate New York, by way of Vermont. We flew into Burlington and hung out in the area for a day or so, did some sailing on Lake Champlain, then drove down to Bennington, at the southern tip of the state. There we visited the Bennington Monument, checked out three still-functional covered bridges, then took a right, and hooked it back on up through New York State, by way of Lake George, Keene Valley, Lake Placid, and all the way up to the Malone area, where we once again stayed in an Adirondack camp on Lake Titus for a week. Visited family and checked out a couple of waterfalls. It…was…glorious….

I will write up more about the trip in additional posts. I’ve been quite busy with getting my new anthology into production, but now that that is out to another to work for now, I have some pseudo-free time to um, well…yeah….


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3 Responses to New York State/Vermont Vacation

  1. Karen Lin says:

    Glorious…that’s glorious! Glad you guys had fun!

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