Do The Dead Dream? Now Available!

Do The Dead Dream? (© 2017, F. P. Dorchak and Lon Kirschner)

Do The Dead Dream? (© 2017, F. P. Dorchak and Lon Kirschner)

Well, after nearly 40 years, I have finally released my first anthology!

And I received the review copy last week—and it’s, well, somewhat mind-blowing holding the 500-page book in my hands! These stories are a mixture of fantasy, horror, paranormal, and the metaphysical. I’m certain there’s something in here for everyone!

The book retails for $19.99, and is available through the Ingram distribution channels, and I only now just enabled it for “returns.” I’d waffled on doing that but decided…the main reason I went with IngramSpark was to get it into brick-and-mortar stores, and one of the little voices in my head kept telling me to take that chance. Unfortunately, I’m late for October, since the change won’t take effect until November 1st…but that still (I feel) favorably places it for the Holiday Season. Retailers are not into taking chances on an unknown unless they have the option to return unsold “product” to the publisher (in this case—me). So, I will receive any unsold books that I can handsell on my own.

So, help a fella out here, okay?

There you have it! You should currently be able to put in orders for it through bookstores (or at least some time in the near future…it takes about 4 – 6 weeks to totally work its way through all of the global Ingram distribution channels), and it is available through right now, though the cover image hasn’t yet percolated to the site (but I have it on authority that someone has ordered it through Amazon).

And retail outlets do get their 55% discount.

I will be releasing the eBook in the next month or two.

I can’t thank every single one of you who’ve helped me out in getting this work out there enough! To all of you who’ve provided endorsement blurbs, I do plan on getting you each a signed copy if you’re interested in having one. And for those who get their books elsewhere, if you enclose the proper RETURN postage, you may mail it to:

F. P. Dorchak, P. O. Box 49393, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80949

and I’ll happily autograph it for you or whomever you request!

NOTE: No return postage, no returned book.

As events currently stand, I will be doing my first book signing October 22 at The Bookman, on the West Side of Colorado Springs, from 2 – 4 p.m. I will also be at MileHiCon49, October 27 – 29th.

Again, thanks to all who’ve helped me get here, and I thank you all in advance for your continued support in reading my work, and in getting the word out by social media, doing book REVIEWS (Please do these! I need all the help I can get!), sending e-mails, or however it is you get the word out to your circles of influence. Thank you!

And, yes, I am available for readings, speaking engagements, and the like.

I really hope you enjoy this anthology of the Weird and the Peculiar!

Stay weird!

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7 Responses to Do The Dead Dream? Now Available!

  1. Paul says:

    Congratulations, Frank! Wishing you many sales and much success.

    • fpdorchak says:

      Thanks, Paul! And thank you for your kind endorsement!

      “You may think you’ve read it all, but F. P Dorchak’s “Do the Dead Dream?” will test the limits of your imagination. Picture Stephen King as a mad scientist, mixing bits of Night Gallery with a generous helping of Black Mirror, a dash of Altered States, a pinch of metaphysics, and a healthy dose of surrealism. Dorchak takes you forward and backward in time, puts you in the cockpit of a plane, plunges you into the ocean, and ushers you into other realms you never expected. Buckle up for a unique and unforgettable ride.”

      Paul Gallagher
      Blogger, Shadow & Substance

  2. Wendy Brydge says:

    Congratulations, Frank! A true labour of love for you, and the cumulation of many, many years of work, I know. Well done!

  3. Karen Lin says:

    Congratulations! Did you know that Diane Mott Davidson bought up all the extra copies of her own first book so that she would have a sell through? Now she has a huge number of books under her belt in the same series and is no doubt a millionaire. Sometimes we sacrifice an awful lot to become financially successful authors. Probably one of the biggest career challenges there is.

    • fpdorchak says:

      Thanks, Karen! That sounds familiar, however this is POD—Lightning Source—I don’t believe (nor can I see that) that thinking works here! O_o But thanks for the sentiment. Well, onward!

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