Writing ON My House

This literally just happened minutes ago, and I had to write it up!

A childhood friend had reminded me about something that I had done when I was a kid back in Lake Clear, New York. And that fact that she had remembered it absolutely blew me away! The Facebook messaging went like this:

Julie: I was just talking to my son about Lake Clear your family and now you being an author… Wasn’t your first masterpiece written ON your house (literally)??
Me: HA!
Me: How did YOU know that?!
Me: Yes, I joke about that now and then….
Julie: Remember I used to play at and around your house with your sister.


But, yes, I really had done that!

I do not know what had possessed me, but it was probably your basic Kid Logic–applied to a creative type (writer, in this case)–but one day I up and picked up a number 2 pencil and began to write a story on the side of our Lake Clear house that was painted yellow! I wrote it  around a couple sides, again, if I remember correctly. Not sure it I made it all the way around the house, at this stage in my life. But it was a couple of outside walls!

My dad…was not amused.

Dang it, but man, I wish I’d written that story down somewhere! How priceless a moment that was! How fricking hilarious! My dad made me erase the entire thing and clean off the house, of course, but, geez, how perfectly perfect for a writer-kid to do something like that!

So, thank you so much, Julie, for making my day by mentioning that to me! Ha! Though I’ve thought about it off and on over the many, many years since, it’s quite jaw-dropping to hear something like that from another non-family member!

You…are priceless!

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2 Responses to Writing ON My House

  1. Karen Lin says:

    you’ve always wanted to speak out loud and clear… 🙂

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