Sleepwalkers eBook Returns!

Sleepwalkers (© 2001, F. P. Dorchak, AuthorHouse)

Sleepwalkers (© 2001, F. P. Dorchak, AuthorHouse)

I am finally getting my very first novel back into an eBook!

Sleepwalkers, my first novel, released back in 2001, had been both an e-book and paperback, then things got really screwed up and I’d been ignored for many years by my continued requests, and only just this month got it reinstated! It is retailing for $3.99 on the AuthorHouse site. I’m told to give other outlets, like Amazon, 3 to 4 weeks. But I’m betting it’ll be cheaper at AuthorHouse, like the paperback.

eBook: 9780759639492

BTW, if anyone would like to post a review on the AuthorHouse site, please use this link., and go to the Customer Review tab.

Now the only book of mine that is not yet an e-book is Psychic. But I’m working on that and will let you all know as soon as it happens.

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