Cthulhu Tree

Cthulhu Tree (Image © F. P. Dorchak, April 2018)

Cthulhu Tree (Image © F. P. Dorchak, April 2018)

This past week my wife and I took her out-of-town cousin and husband around town to check out their old homestead. They were passing through on their out-of-state way home, during a road trip. As we walked the area around their old house, they showed us this gnarly old tree.

I couldn’t pass up the shot!

I took it with my Nikon D3400, changed the image from color to monochrome, tilted it a bit, and did another transformation or two.

H. P. would be proud!

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Speculative and paranormal fiction author. Please check out my website: https://www.fpdorchak.com/. Thank you for stopping by!
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5 Responses to Cthulhu Tree

  1. Karen Lin says:

    I love gnarly old trees. Such personality!

  2. Paul says:

    Definite Lovecraftian overtones here, Frank!

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