Today’s Hike – Garden of the Gods – May 22, 2018

Today I had gotten back outside and taken what has become my “usual” hike. It’s through Garden of the Gods, so it’s not really a gnarly hike. I can’t do those anymore…at least not until I get a certain something corrected.

Anyway, while out there I snapped a couple of shots I thought I’d share!

Devil’s Paintbrush–the Western US Version

I’m used to a different version of the paintbrush family, having grown up in the Adirondacks of upstate New York, but here is its western cousin. Still pretty.

Devil's Paintbrush (© 2018 F. P. Dorchak)

Devil’s Paintbrush (© 2018 F. P. Dorchak)

Bunker Hill

There’s a hill on the edge of Garden of the Gods that’s mostly rock, and I like to take the climb. I love the view and the rocks. I wish some deciduous trees were populated, but, alas, this is the southwest, and those are far and few-ish between.

Anyway, I had stopped to enjoy being alone–up to this point hadn’t passed a soul—and it was quite windy, which I love. It felt…magical. So I turned around and saw this view:

Looking Back (© 2018 F. P. Dorchak)

Looking Back (© 2018 F. P. Dorchak)

When I checked how it came out it wasn’t as I “saw” it, so took another. Zoomed in a bit.

This was how I “saw” it:

A Second Look (© 2018 F. P. Dorchak)v

A Second Look (© 2018 F. P. Dorchak)

And, yes, there was a strangely magical quality to it. I just stood there and looked at it for a while. Taking it in. When I added this shot to the post, I looked at the image again, long and hard.

To me, anyway, yes, there is still a pleasantly creepy, eerily magical quality to it….

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6 Responses to Today’s Hike – Garden of the Gods – May 22, 2018

  1. Karen Lin says:

    Nice! Your natural skills are obvious!

    • fpdorchak says:

      Thank you, Karen! It was such a cool energy there, on the top of that ridge! I love it when I can “catch” that in a moment, image, or words….

  2. Paul says:

    That’s a great name — Devil’s Paintbrush. Good pics, Frank! We don’t get those kinds of view in the east.

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