Leaving A Little Mystery

Insert Imagination Here! (Image © 2018 F. P. Dorchak)

Insert Imagination Here! (Image © 2018 F. P. Dorchak)

I love a little mystery.

But in feeding the beast of social media (SM) there is none. Making oneself constantly available defeats that. Orienting your entire life and awareness around SM is/has become addictive and sickening.

SM exists to be used. And in so doing it becomes many’s life.

It evolves and transmogrifies according to your usage. I’d recently learned that how you use it affects your usage and availability (i.e., who sees what). You’d think that when you post something that all in your sphere of influence (“friends” and followers) would see or have the opportunity to see what you posted…but you’d be incorrect.

The long and the short of it is that the more you use the constantly developing aspects of whatever SM you are using, then and only then the more your posts are distributed to your audience.

And that cycle perpetuates itself with your “friends.” For example, just replying to a post with “Thanks!” gets you nothing…unless, say, you reply using four or more words and specifically developed hashtags. The algorithms are constantly reworked, but that is what current SM algorithms are looking for and promoting. Facebook…Twitter…Instagram. These platforms are looking for as much interaction from you as possible…including trying out any new developments they’re pushing at the moment. So if you don’t interact much beyond a simple “Thanks!” you are not going to have your posts pushed out to whomever you’d think and expect your posts are pushed out to.

In short: you are ignored.

SM constantly requires and craves more and more of you time. More and more of you.

It is actually manipulating you to perform as that platform (i.e. the corporation behind the application) WANTS you to perform.

YOU…are being MANIPULATED…into addictive behavior.

I don’t want that. I am not willing to play that game. I do not want to spend all of my time on SM.

And I certainly I do not what to put all aspects of my life onto SM.

I do not want to make myself constantly nor immediately available to others. As I’d said up top…I love a little mystery.

Now many try to take us “hostage” by saying that we have no choice. That if you want to get your products out there you HAVE to “do” SM. I resent this. I resent being told what I have to do…and I resent SM. I do not see anything “social” about it…what I see is addictive behavior…and I do not want to enable and perpetuate this “immediate gratification” that is addicting our world…yes, even at the expense of selling my books. Much to everyone’s disbelief books…books and movies and soda and pencils…were all sold before SM ever existed.

Imagine that.

Literally—imagine that.

What I want is for others to wonder and imagine about everything.

If someone reads my work, I want them to imagine…”what if”…about other ideas that enter their minds that my work might spark and inspire and not freaking Google it. Google is a whole nother manipulation discussion, and there are whole movements against its wholesale manipulation and cyberspace bullying tactics.

I want all of you to wonder and imagine on your own.

If you’re curious about me or my words, I want you to find my works and imagine how I write them. What else I might think about, what things I might do during the day.

I want conjecture about what I may drink, might have done at 1:15 in the afternoon, or whom I might have visited.

I do not want you to know.

To me it’s like movies and books that reveal just enough about a scene without having described every last detail and leaves the rest to the imagination. That is far more powerful to me than actually seeing it.

I feel use of the imagination develops other areas of our being that cannot possibly be developed or exercised in any other way. It develops genuine curiosity. Respect. The ability to think for oneself. Develops and strengthens the imagination itself. Develops discipline, the ability to wait. Listen. Be observant. Sensitivity. It develops areas of our brains and functions of our mind. Enhances our sense of AWE…our sense of wonder….

In short, a little mystery is good for the soul.



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2 Responses to Leaving A Little Mystery

  1. Karen Lin says:

    I love the idea of inspiring others to think “what if,” to inspire others to have their own ideas. Never heard anybody say anything like that before.

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