I am looking into trying out BookBub to advertise books. Again…this has been heralded as THE WAY to make a name for oneself by more than one author friend of mine. So…I’m going to try it.

It’s a complicated and very user UNfriendly site, but here is my profile. I’m asking that if you’re interested in my work at all, give a look-see and FOLLOW. You can obviously also follow others.

As far as I can understand, I create book deals here, and it specifically targets like-minded readers with my deals. Advertisers get paid based on my budget, and on either a “per-click” or “per-impressions” click-through rate. Best as I can understand it, the “per-click” is based on actually clicking through to buy my book, and the “per-impressions” is based on people interested in my book, but not necessarily BUYING it. I’m trying to “per-click” rate one first.

I’ve got all my book out there, except for Sleepwalkers. Apparently they have to vet that that IS my novel. Don’t get that.

I’ll also try to populate with book reviews.

So for this advertisement I’ll try in the near future (today…or whenever I get around to it) is with Do The Dead Dream?, and it will send out a regular ad for my book across all the distribution platforms when I actually pull the trigger. I’m still trying to figure out an aspect of the ad itself, so haven’t done it yet. Later on, when I better figure things out, I’ll send out the ad…and even way later, try to do some “deals” where the book—or other books of mine—will be advertised for a reduced rate. It really is a very convoluted website, not easy to navigate, and links all over the place, but no one landing page for good, solid, understandable information…at least for authors.

What I do know that if I do a “deal” sometime in the future (free or some substantially reduced rate), it will cost me lots to do…but I can do basic advertising, which is what I’m going to try here, in the near future, which just puts the books out there to specifically targeted readerships.

So…I’m gonna give this a shot and see what happens.


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7 Responses to BookBub

  1. Karen Lin says:

    Julie Kaewert had one of her old books chosen to be featured by bookbub…(which includes being free or low cost) – she has no idea how it became nominated or came to be featured…but it shot her book to number one in cozy mysteries.

  2. Some authors on the selfpublish yahoo group say that you need to have some decent numbers in terms of inventory before BookBub becomes worth the cost of advertising.

    • fpdorchak says:

      I’ve heard that getting seriously decent numbers can be had by using BookBub. But I can’t seem to link up with the guy I know who did an in-depth presentation on it…and in which I took notes, but cannot for the life of me find! :-[

  3. fpdorchak says:

    Still reading up on how to do the BookBub marketing. Interesting articles:

  4. Paul says:

    Sure is complicated to market oneself these days, so yeah, why not try it? Good luck, Frank!

    • fpdorchak says:

      I tried it. Wasn’t worth the $17.02 I spent. Not seeing any increased sales. Someday when I can add an extra hour or three to my day I’ll write it up. :-]

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