The New Me

This new book…and therefore the new me…is taking shape.

I am alternating between writing and rereading Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles (TMC). And the more I reread, the more I’m beginning to see where all my inspiration for this new story of mine came from!

It looks directly from TMC.

Well parts of it, anyway. And by that, I mean the story structure.

I like how TMC is woven together from a series of short stories. I like how they progress into the Human-populated Mars’ future. And that’s kinda how I’m attacking my new book. Though I am intentionally writing these stories for the book, and not as short stories in-and-of-themselves…that is what I’m doing. They could be used on their own…again, something I’m also considering doing—but may not, at least until-and-unless I get a book deal and that’s deemed a promotional avenue to go.

My book is in no way set on Mars. And the rest of the story is not at all like TMC, so that is where the similarities end—with the story structure. Of course, when Humans are involved in any storytelling, you can pretty much figure out where it’ll end up…there really aren’t that many untold variations anymore…but it’s in the story itself, the plot, the characters, and the writing that you hope will draw in readers. In my case…agents, editors, and publishers, because I am, once again, going to try traditional publishing.

Hey, I’ve given this a lot of thought, published six of my own books as an Indie—all of which no one is buying—so what the hell, I’ll give it another shot with a genre that seems to be doing well. This book will also be a smaller book, not my usually 100K-plus manuscripts. I’m shooting for 80K, but I tend to go long. I’m at 30K now.

I’m about 70 pages from finishing up TMC, so my put off the writing until I finish the book…and one other thing, I’ll post about soon. But I’m really enjoying where this new book is going! Perhaps my writing is more like Bradbury’s. I’ve written in the horror, supernatural, fantasy, and mystery genres. While I call my stuff “paranormal fiction,” I’m recently coming to see that maybe I should call it “speculative fiction“—and in fact, yes, I have been describing it as that to those I’ve lately talked to about my work. “Paranormal fiction” still seems to imply supernatural romance fiction, and while I have included a subplot or two involving love, that is not what I write. And if you look at my short fiction, I have written in many genres. All with elements of the weird.

So, this book, the title of which shall remain under wraps for some time, is science fiction that is not science fiction…involving and will involve all of the above genres.

Also very much like The Martian Chronicles.




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3 Responses to The New Me

  1. Karen Lin says:

    Will be fun to see where it goes… have a great time with it!

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