A Little Humility Would Be Nice….

I try to be upbeat in my posts, but certain things get me annoyed—even though I know why and what’s happening.

No, I’m not physically spun up…just intellectually miffed.

I’d just read yet another post by a successful writer (one who makes a living at it) who described in how s/he analyzed what they were going to do before they did it…analyzed what aspect of writing they were going to pursue…yada x 3…and did it.

And it worked.

I’m not annoyed that that person (it’s not just one person) is successful—more power to him/her!—I am annoyed at how it implies (and maybe these people aren’t even aware of what they’re doing), if not blatantly states…that “all you have to do is…“:

  1. Properly analyze.
  2. Properly do the numbers.
  3. Properly do the work.

And all will fall into place!

It is NOT that easy. And I’m getting tired of seeing all the articles that imply this: that I did this so it works!


It’s not the same for everyone…there are so many variables out there, not the least of which (IMNSHO) involve the metaphysical.

I am tired of numbers people taking over the world!

Tired of the “Do these 7 steps to success!” Of how to tweak your freaking Third-Person Limited Point-Of-View and your stories will finally get published.

I state that you can do everything right…everything…and still not get published.

And I cannot tell you all why this is! No one can! It’s different for each and every person out there.

I can say that a lot of metaphysical aspects play into it. Call it “luck,” “being in the right place,” ” the correct hex, whatever. It could be that an editor just hates your name!

And you cannot worry about it! You’re a performer…just perform!




Do whatever it is you’re meant to do, without looking for bright lights. You should be doing whatever it is you’ve been built to do just for the doing…anything else is extra. Gravy. Whipped cream. Success kills a lot of people. You have to be able to handle any success that comes your way…and maybe the reason you are NOT receiving your version of success is precisely because in this life…in this Time/Space of your existence…you’re just not ready for it.

Who knows?

I don’t.

It may be that in another life you’ve already had your successes, and in this life you’re living what it’s like to be all those others who weren’t successful in your other life. Maybe you ignored them, sneered at them, talked down to them. Maybe you just wanted to see—in another life—what it was like to be the UNsuccessful artist.

Ever think of that?

So don’t get down on yourselves!

And all you other successful artists, please be more mindful and humble of your efforts. Give a little more grace and time to the unknowns in life and how appreciative you are of where you are and how you (might have!) gotten there…without hitting us over the head with (or implying) how outstandingly wonderful you are, because you did something “right” the rest of us have not done.

That all the rest of us have to do…is live by the numbers and proper analysis.

Numbers do not rule the world.

Heart does.

Thank you.



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Gritty speculative fiction author. Please check out my website: https://www.fpdorchak.com/! Thank you for stopping by!
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