Roadblocks – Figuratively and Literally

Well, I must say, things have gotten weird, and not in a good way…and as the title for my post just came to me as I sat here to write this…it also hit me like a metaphysical haymaker.

I’ve started this new novel (two actually), see, but, as I’d previously mentioned, Life In A Good Way took precedence. Then my day job required more time…then I got sick…then I

Slammed my vehicle into not just one but two curbs.

As I was driving to work this week, in the dark, on a dark (I don’t believe there are streetlights where the following happened), icy side street, I found this vehicle parked perpendicular to me in the road.

Just sitting there.

For the longest time.

Blocking the entire one-way street before me.

I did not see nor hear any spinning tires.

The short version is that as I attempted to avoid the truck (which I did), ice and hard, polished snow took over…I hit one curb…then the opposite curb. Vehicle became undriveable. I never touched the truck.

And the truck and its driver?

He drove off.

But I’d gotten his license plate and his address.

I was fine, BTW, but as a loved one said to me yesterday, that driver had no way of knowing who was in the vehicle he had caused to slide out of control. It could have been a young kid, an elderly individual, or everything in-between.

And he just drove off.

Thing is, the cops told me, there is no Colorado law that demands that such drivers have to stop! As long as there are no dead bodies, drugs, vehicle contact, property damage involved, if a driver causes others to have an accident, there is no legal imperative to prevent a Colorado driver from fleeing the scene of an accident they cause.

So, my insurance company and I are pursuing the above to pay for damages, since they did not immediate pony up. And no apology from the other driver for his irresponsible behavior.

But the other insurance company is still investigating, and my company has filed a “claims recovery” with them. So we’ll see.

Blah x 3, my vehicle is being worked on and I am unimpressed with the character of anyone who would do such a thing. I won’t relive the details of it all, I wrote it all up and even created a diagram of the situation for my insurance company.

But…for this post…the metaphysical importance of it is that I’ve had multiple “roadblocks” the past year to my writing, and I am a bit baffled by it all. I don’t have accidents (well, okay, the 20-year cyclic event of hitting deer, but who doesn’t?)! So I have to ask myself: what the heck is going on? I’ve been having all kinds of things “roadblock” my writing, and now even a literal roadblock. Sure, I’m just “going with it,” but what is going on with all this “stuff”?

Oh, it’s called Life.

As I had to remind myself, life isn’t about my writing…it’s about living. And things happen. As metaphysical as I can be about it…I cannot control everything. All I can do is put out good intent—

But maybe this isn’t so much about me…but the other guy.

Obviously this had to happen to the both of us for some reason, and given that the guy up and fled an accident he caused, it looks like it really had to happen to him.

So, all this will play out as it’s meant to, and what will happen will happen…but I hope that this guy, whether or not he weasels out of payment/his responsibility, learns something from his actions and takes responsibility for his actions. People like this don’t have good lives. If they flee shit they cause, you can be pretty sure they “flee” other shit in their lives. All I can do is wish him peace on his journey.

This happened for a reason.

I’m fine.

I’ll be fine however the outcome. I just truly wish the guy comes to peace with himself and learns whatever it is he needs to learn from all this.

And for me and my “roadblocks”?

I don’t have any!

This is just Life!

And Life is not about my writing…it’s about living and treating others with respect and living with good intent. So that’s what I have to remind myself with I get too caught up in minutiae like this that ain’t nearly as fun or heartwarming as seeing the wonderful smile on my wife’s face every day.



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4 Responses to Roadblocks – Figuratively and Literally

  1. Susan Simpson says:

    You are right. Life happens. It happens rarely as we plan.

  2. Karen Lin says:

    What a jerk he was!. Hope he has to pony up. As to your reaction, healthy. Glad you are ok and the ending to your story is sweet. Lucky L.

    • fpdorchak says:

      Well, whether or not s/he’s actually a “jerk”…s/he certainly exhibited definite jerk-like behavior. Besides being an interesting situation to talk about, regarding my metaphysical leanings, I also wanted to point out to others who might have this “sort of leaning” that if you do something like this you don’t know WHO you’re leaving to fend for themselves, and in what CONDITION that person may be in! What if I’d smacked my head on the wheel or into the driver’s side window? What if some object in my vehicle decided my throat to be a wonderful target of opportunity? But beyond all that, good Lord, people, please take responsibility for your actions! We all make mistakes…we all slip on ice…a slip of the tongue. Take responsibility for your actions, intentional or not. When I was rear ended by a lady two years ago, she took ownership for being in a hurry, being waaay too close to me, and not paying attention. That impressed me. Especially that she did so with one of her daughters in the vehicle with her! How embarrassing was that to this woman?

      And thank you, Karen for your other comments.

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