What a Spazz

Not to keep talking about this Total Hip Replacement (THR) of mine, but something happened the other week that caught me off-guard.

I was working an equipment issue at home, which required me to get down on my knees on the floor. I’ve done this before, but this time…I must have used my surgical leg to get up, and I felt this pronounced “POP!” in my quadriceps. It literally felt like something popped out of place…then popped right back in…inside the length of my quadriceps.

And then it hurt.

Oh, yea, right in the groin area “crease” of the hip, down into the leg.

Obviously my first thought was my implant popped out and back in, but I’m told that is next to impossible, short of getting hit but a car…however, that’s exactly what it felt like. I was also told I would be in EXCRUCIATING pain if the implant had really popped out…which I had not experienced.

So I thought about leg musculature. Looked at the possible culprits, and came up with one of three possibilities: one of the Psoas muscles, the Sartorius, or the Rectus femoris. One of those felt more like the actual issue.

Long story short, I went to my therapist and explained what happened, and he said it had been the Rectus femoris. Just a spasm. He then worked some of his PT magic on me, and holy cow, I felt tons better! Could walk better! Still, there was pain, but it wasn’t as nasty as it had been when I first walked in to see him.

Fast forward a week.

I went to work full time for the first time in a month. Well, it’s a walk to do just about anything there, and man, did my surgical leg get sore. The first day wasn’t too bad, but the second day things got so bad it bordered on painful. I was literally limping out of there at quitting time. I thought the drive home would relax things, and went to the gym, doing the stupidly light weights, but I really wanted to do the treadmill, the walking backwards, because that’s supposed to stretch out those muscles that were bugging the crap out of me, and I wanted to see if that would help.

It didn’t.

I got home and things were a bit worse. Just before going to bed, I thought, why not take some aspirin or ibuprofen? It’s not like I’ve been taking those since the surgery for pain. So I took some BC Powder, which is basically powdered aspirin and caffeine.

Then some cool MAGIC happened!

Before I went to sleep, all the pain was gone. Absolutely ALL of it…even the dull spasm pain from the week before, which had continued to plague me all week.

I once more felt as good as I’d been before that freaking muscle spasm.

So, whatever lingering effect that spasm had held over me was now 100% gone, and as I write this, things continue to be just as good and getting better as they had been before that spasm.

I also decided to work from home the rest of the week to give the surgical leg a break from all the walking at work, and it made a huge difference. So, keep all this in mind should you have a THR…thought you may well be rapidly progressing…then find yourself doing too much walking…too much bending down, kneeling, etc., and end up causing a muscle spasm. Don’t be overly worried about it, but do see your therapist, take some ibuprofen/B C Powder, and and take it easy. You may also get some other weird muscle soreness like I did yesterday, from what, I don’t know, and this felt like the Sartorius. I took some BC powder, and it went away. Maybe it’s just the leg coming back to life, so to speak. I’ve been exceedingly careful in all I’ve done and don’t know what caused it to get sore, but it’s no longer bothering me.

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7 Responses to What a Spazz

  1. Karen Lin says:

    Sheesh! How scary. At least you are doing better now. Guess there are some things best to avoid for the moment. Tough stuff. Continue to heal well. Take care of yourself. Hugs.

  2. fpdorchak says:

    Another update: My PT Assistant told me that regarding the numb area of my surgical leg, that the numbness could last 3 – 6 months, and that she knows of one person who’s numbness lasted a year. I know of another who still has a numb area three years later. It’s all about how damaged the nerves got in the process, and everyone’s body reacts differently.

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  4. rdmonroe5 says:

    Good morning! Thanks for the “Likes”. I grew up with a Dorchak in Saranac Lake. Went to school with him, ran track with him. He was a heck of a shot putter as I recall. His Dad worked for the DEC alongside mine. I believe he graduated in ’79. His name was Frank.
    I have literally had a foot in both worlds more than once. Sometimes I think that maybe I still do. Seen some ghosts. Almost been one. More than once.
    I look forward to reading your work. Thanks again, Dick Monroe

    • fpdorchak says:

      Gee, I wonder who that could be?

      Great to reconnect and fascinated by some of YOUR words! You’ve also got some great posts. Will get back to you in more detail, soon, Dick (“great” shot putter, huh? What’d you think of my discus? 😉)!

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