Hewlett Packard Computers is Incompetent — Buy Computers Elsewhere!

I hate to do post negative issues, but I am literally at a loss. I do not know where else or how else to turn, because no matter who I call I get the runaround and false, empty promises like…well, you know what.


Upon lies.

Upon more lies (empty promises).

I have been trying to return a laptop part (a 256 GB SSD) that should never have been sent to me in the first place (there was no slot for it), since Nov 17, 2019. Every time I call I have been asked to repeat the same answers—that never change—and am then rerouted, forwarded, and swore to up-and-down that THINGS HAVE BEEN EXPEDITED.

They have not.

The company is Hewlett Packard.

I have lost track of how many hours I have been on the phone, but it has been 16 days and  today added another full hour I was on the phone talking to HP representatives who, once again, promised to resolve this…TODAY. They did not. The rep was named “Phoebe,” and she swore she would be calling me today—SHE would—but she did not. Did not leave a message. Nothing. Her department # is 833/808-5049.

Yesterday I was given an email address to the Parts Department (hpparts.sales.ams@hp.com), where I was told that THEY were the ones who would fix this. They were not. Darien Hernandez Aguilar, the Replacement Parts rep, told me to call the Tech Support Chat folks, at their number, 800/334-5144.  He didn’t bother to help any further, step up and be a positive company representative, despite the fact that I told him I’ve been trying to solve this since Nov 17th. Before him, “Nicki,” from the Resolution Department told me Darien’s department is the one who would fix things.

Blah, blah, blah.

I’d love to write a letter…but what will that get me? And to whom? More empty promises? I have never seen such a dense nest of incompetence—and I’ve worked for the government.

Only one person, “Norman,” went out of his way, calmed me down, and ran down all the misinformation that was ABUNDANT and rampant in the documentation of what was going on. But he sent me to “Phoebe,” who ended up lying to me, like everyone else I’ve talked to at HP.

Thing is, I want my $425.89 back and I want HP to take their damned part back.

I want an apology…and even better yet, I want them to give me the laptop I bought from them for free, for all the bullshit they’ve thrown at me, for NOT ONE employee knowing their own return policy, for NOT ONT employee taking ownership of this deplorable situation and making it right (well, “Norman,” the one right before “Phoebe,” tried, and to him, I am grateful). For all of them wasting probably about at least two full eight-hour days of my time on the phone, in chats, and e-mails trying to be oh-so-nice and understanding, only to finally end up losing it this weekend with one more bullshit runaround. For them leaving all this ON ME.

What is SO hard about returning a part?

I just cannot believe it. Every blasted one of them who said they would call me back did NOT call. Every stinking one.

So, since being nice hasn’t helped, being understanding hasn’t helped, maybe Social Media will help? If I can keep one person away from HP, I’ll be happy.

I want nothing more to do with that company or it’s people, once I get my refund and send them back their damned part, and I will continue to badger the shit out of them until someone does their freaking job and resolve this.

Maybe my next step will go to a local TV station and talk to them about HP fraud* and incompetence?

* Fraud: A deception practiced in order to induce another to give up possession of property (my money)…trickery; a trick (speaks for itself).


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6 Responses to Hewlett Packard Computers is Incompetent — Buy Computers Elsewhere!

  1. Susan Simpson says:

    Keep calling them until they are sick of you. Yes, it will take up your time, but don’t let them win. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  2. Karen Lin says:

    Wow bummer. Wen has an hp laptop given to him by his co. It seems fine. Maybe they get priority service.

    • fpdorchak says:

      Company-to-company is different than individual consumers. It’s different with individual consumers. But, again, it’s not the LAPTOP that is an issue…it’s them not taking back a part they should never have sent me. Then having NO ONE IN HP who understands their return policy. The level of incompetence is absolutely staggering. Unprecedented in my life experience. It’d be a Monty Python “Department of Arguments” skit or something if it wasn’t so incredible stupid.

  3. Marc says:

    I completely get your frustration. Quite often, I feel like customer service has gone the way of the dinosaur. It’s apparent that companies don’t want to hear from their customers when they refuse to post contact information on their websites and direct us to either FAQ pages or artificial-lack-of-intelligence bots to “help” us. But the biggest slap in the face is that it wastes the customer’s time. Infuriating.

    • fpdorchak says:

      Absolutely. But I may have found a way to get their attention: I put the charge in dispute at my credit card company. I didn’t think you could do that if it’s already been paid–BUT YOU CAN. The credit card company will send me a letter in 7 – 10 days asking for details, which I have! All the chat conversations, where I—FOUR times—asked if that part would fit in my laptop chassis, and they insisted it would. And all this was after I’d asked if I could send it back and get it reconfigured into a system I could use…and was told no.

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